Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Club Presentations

Namoi Valley Archers wound up a very successful 2005 with their AGM and presentation of trophies at a function at the PCYC. Strong attendances at club events, the hosting of the Branch ABA and IFAA Championships and outstanding participation at National, State and Branch tournaments has reinforced the club’s reputation as among the best in NSW. The highlight for the year was the performance of club members at the Australian Championships with Ben Ireland (Freestyle Unlimited) finishing as the overall ABA Sighted Champion, Steve Jaeger (Freestyle Limited) and Sam Bates (Junior Freestyle Unlimited) finishing as Australian champions in both the ABA and 3D events. In 2005 the club continued its long association with PCYC Indoor Archery program providing two qualified coaches and a safety officer for the Thursday night activities and the club will be continuing this association again in 2006.

2006 is shaping as very big year for archery with the club hosting the NSW State IFAA Championships in May and the Northern Branch ABA Championships in August. The World Field Archery Championships are to be held in Australia for the first time since 1989 and a strong contingent from the club will be making the trip to Hervey Bay in June to compete with archers from all over the world.

The prestigious Club Person of the Year was awarded to Steve Jaeger for his fantastic efforts as club range captain and PCYC safety officer. Namoi Valley Archers has an unequalled reputation for the imagination and quality of the ABA, IFAA and 3D ranges it offers and much of the credit for this goes to Jaeger who has put in countless hours of behind the scenes effort. Despite this effort Jaeger still finds time to be a top class competitor retaining his Australian ABA title for the third consecutive year and adding the Australian 3D crown to his trophy cabinet. In a night to remember Jaeger also finished the year as the club’s overall highest point scorer and winner of the ultra competitive Open Division relegating last year’s winner Ben Ireland, to second place with John Clark finishing third.

In the Mens Compound division Ken Thompson finished the year with the number one ranking after a titanic struggle with Phillip Porter who had held the top spot since 1999. In a season where fortunes fluctuated all year both archers accumulated over 13,000 points for the season ultimately being separated by just 30 points. The consistent Steve Woodward held off a raft of challengers to grab third place in a keenly contested division.

The club has been nurturing some outstanding junior talent including Wade Hudson who had a stellar 2005 season emerging as one the best barebow archers in NSW and Josh Dolbel was another to shine as he developed into a major force during the year at both National, State and Branch level. The Dave Dickson Shield was awarded to Sebastian Donovan as the most improved archer in the club and this outstanding young archer had a wonderful season and looks set to be a major threat at any event he contests in 2006.

Results for 2005

Mens Open – Steve Jaeger 1, Ben Ireland 2, John Clark 3.

Womens Open – Cassie Neuendorf 1, Jodi Dolbel 2.

Mens Compound – Ken Thompson 1, Phillip Porter 2, Steve Woodward 3.

Womens Compound – Karen Hudson 1, Helen Woodward 2.

Mens Bowhunter Limited – Stuart Dolbel 1, Greg Donovan 2, Scott Porter 3.

Womens Bowhunter Limited – Norma Culley 1, Lisa Buckingham 2.

Traditional – Darrell Hudson 1, Michael Patrick 2, Peter Stubbs 3.

Junior Open – Josh Dolbel 1, Robbie Porter 2, Cameron Hill 3.

Junior Boys Compound – Wade Hudson 1, Keegan Patrick 2, Damian Woodward 3.

Junior Girls Compound – Stacey Woodward 1, Jodi Buckingham 2.

Junior Olympic – Sam Bates 1.

Cub Boys Open – Sebastian Donovan 1, Matthew Jauja 2.

Cub Girls Open – Emelia Dolbel 1.

Cub Olympic – Shane Thompson 1.

Cub Traditional – Jackelyn Patrick 1, Meg Jaeger 2, Georgia Buckingham 3.

Cub Compound – Michael Romer 1, Shaun Boyd-McCaw 2, Christopher Patrick 3.

Little Archers – Sophie Donovan, Krystal Juaja.

Bowhunter of the Year – Phillip Porter
Junior Bowhunter of the Year – Josh Dolbel
Goat – Ben Ireland
Pig – Greg Donovan
Fox – Phillip Porter
Hare - Ken Thompson
Rabbit - Matt Krug

Sunday, December 04, 2005

3 Arrow Round To Finish The Year

The Namoi Valley Archers finished the year with the crowd favourite, a quick three arrow all count on the outback range. The range was a picture after recent rain, the coarse will need some attention before shooting starts again next February.

Phillip Porter was the exceptional shooter for the day, blazing the trail home with a club record breaking 1000, not bad for a bare bower. Shane Thompson was also on the game, smashing his old cub boy olympic style record.


Jodi Dolbel 820 Womens Open
Karen Hudson 445 Womens Compound
Lisa Buckingham 605 Women Bowhunter Limited
Norma Culley 485 Women Bowhunter Limited
Richard Mather 515 Ungraded
Jarrod Stubbs 245 Ungraded
Amy Stubbs 210 Ungraded
Jemma Boyd-McCaw 160 Ungraded
Darryl Hudson 580 Mens Traditional
Michael Patrick 470 Mens Traditional
Neal Morris 420 Mens Traditional
Peter Stubbs 210 Mens Traditional
John Clark 1150 Mens Open
Steve Jaeger 1095 Mens Open
David Buckingham 1020 Mens Open
Shane Donovan 330 Mens Open
Philip Porter 1000 Mens Compound
Ken Thompson 865 Mens Compound
Col Hall 650 Mens Compound
Ken Hill 565 Mens Compound
Stuart Dolbel 985 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Greg Donovan 835 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Lloyd Jauja 500 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Krystal Jauja 220 Cub Girl Traditional
Jackelyn Patrick 150 Cub Girl Traditional
Sophie Donovan 400 Cub Girl Compound
Samuel Jauja 100 Cub Boy Traditional
Sebastian Donovan 915 Cub Boy Open
Mathew Jauja 805 Cub Boy Open
Shane Thompson 540 Cub Boy Olympic
Shaun Boyd-McCaw 760 Cub Boy Compound
Christopher Patrick 370 Cub Boy Compound
Sam Bates 1135 Boy Junior Open
Josh Dolbel 955 Boy Junior Open
Robbie Porter 895 Boy Junior Open
Cameron Hill 395 Boy Junior Open
Wade Hudson 915 Boy Junior Compound
Jamie Thompson 725 Boy Junior Compound
Ben Stubbs 565 Boy Junior Compound
Keegan Patrick 495 Boy Junior Compound

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

IFAA Practice

Thirty nine archers, including eight new shooters hit the IFAA range on Sunday to get in some much needed practice leading into the Branch IFAA competition on the 5th and 6th of November.
The Hunter, Animal and Field ranges are 14 target ranges which in competition are simply shot twice to make up the required 28 targets. Scores were ok but nothing brilliant was posted by the big guns.
Jodi Dolbel showed good form and really relished in the marked distance round showing what a natural IFAA shooter she will become leading up to the big tournaments put down for the first half of next year. Jodi's husband Stuart was almost regretting upgrading Jodi's equipment after 20 targets but managed a draw with her after she had some minor sighting problems on the 70 yard walk up.
Steve Jaeger and John Clark had a close tussled for the open grade honoros with John Clark just edging Steve out after a close finish.
Ken Thompson shot well and posted a good win in the compound barebow division with Collin Hall showing he has carried his recent good form in ABA into the IFAA round edging out the long time favorite Phillip Porter at the post.

Scores: 14 Targets Only

Shelly Abra Womens Traditional 108

Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 237

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 128

Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 107

Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 115
Robert Hassan Mens Traditional 103
Steve Taylor Mens Traditional 91
Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 72
Peter Stubs Mens Traditional 72

John Clark Mens Open 253
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 246
Sam Bates Mens Open 230

Ken Thompson Mens Compound 209
Collin Hall Mens Compound 191
Philip Porter Mens Compound 188
Ken Hill Mens Compound 142

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 237
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 212
Rob Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 191
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 169

Cassie Taylor Cub Girl Traditional 77
Amy Stubbs Cub Girl Traditional 56
Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 38

Emelia Dolbel Cub Girl Compound 117
Sophie Donovan Cub Girl Compound 67

Tom Hassan Cub Boy Traditional 60
Andrew Taylor Cub Boy Traditional 51
Joe Hassan Cub Boy Traditional 51
Gerard Stubs Cub Boy Traditional 50
Matt Hassan Cub Boy Traditional 30

Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 235

Shane Thompson Cub Boy Olympic 149

Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Compound 98

Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 233
Cameron Hill Boy Junior Open 85

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 193
Shaun Boyd-McCaw Boy Junior Compound 189

Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 89
Ben Stubs Boy Junior Compound 89

Sunday, October 09, 2005

2004 / 05 Hunting Scores

The past 12 months saw an increase in club hunting with a few new comers giving the old hands some competition, alas the master hunter himself rose to the occassion and beat off the competition, best he be carefull this season though.

Click on the table to enlarge it.

3 Arrow Round To Start New Score Year

The first shoot for the 2005 / 06 scoring year took place this weekend with a small field hitting the range for a 3 arrow all count, 20 / 15 / 10.

The "Outback" range was as challenging as ever with many of the participants suffering "big shoot hangovers" after the state ABA titles a week ago. John Clark and Steve Jaeger shot well to tie the mens open whislt Wade Hudson and Josh Dolbel maintained the blistering form of recent weeks in the boys junior ranks. Jodi Dolbel also shot well narrowly missing the club record for her division by 5 points.
The windy conditions made the longer targets testing but some good scores came in by the end of the round.

There is only one more shoot before the Namoi club hosts the Branch E IFAA titles on the 5th and 6th of November.

Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 860
Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 675

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 350
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 330

Jill Porter Women Bowhunter Limited 575
Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 435

Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 475

John Clark Mens Open 1105
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 1105
Ben Ireland Mens Open 1070
Shane Donovan Mens Open 665

Philip Porter Mens Compound 810
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 805
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 455

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 1000
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 900
Collin Hall Mens Bowhunter Limited 825
Scott Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 805
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 750
Lloyd Jauja Mens Bowhunter Limited 290

Sophie Donovan Cub Girl Compound 370
Emelia Dolbel Cub Girl Compound 340

Krystal Jauja Cub Boy Traditional 205

Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 615

Shane Thompson Cub Boy Olympic 555

Dan Morris Boy Junior Traditional 455

Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 1080
Jamie Thompson Boy Junior Open 780

Sebastian Donovan Boy Junior Open 715

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 975
Shaun Boyd-McCaw Boy Junior Compound 730
Damian Woodward Boy Junior Compound 360

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

NSW State ABA Results

Namoi Valley Archers sent one of the largest teams to the state titles in over 10years and were not dissapointed in the results, bringing home 9 first, 8 seconds and 2 thirds, making 18 of the 23 NVA members podium finishers.

The course was tough with the Avon club making good use of the forest and gully terrian in the foothills of the local mountains.

Ben Ireland took out the highest overall score for the seniors and Josh Dolbel the highest for the Juniors after shooting a PB two days in a row.

1 Hartcher Ella 232 70 170 160 632
2 Jaeger Meg 158 66 106 102 432
3 Morrissey Tiarne 90 40 38 88 256
1 Stiles Jodie 288 268 282 286 1124
2 Roper Eden 280 232 226 124 862
3 Salter Laura 156 136 210 112 614
4 Buckingham Georgia 70 32 66 0 168
1 Thompson Shane 238 218 250 218 924
1 Taylor Lee 366 338 370 284 1358
1 Sharpe Dale 176 226 240 76 718
2 Wells Tim 60 50 66 16 192
1 Sherwood Michael 302 276 318 274 1170
2 Wells Matthew 134 136 218 116 604
1 Young Shaun 136 150 202 136 624
2 Taylor Brendan 144 110 156 158 568
1 Morrissey Jarrod 312 216 302 258 1088
1 Salter Brendon 322 284 356 282 1244
1 Roberts Timothy F 380 338 386 350 1454
1 Dein Shannon 206 68 146 98 518

1 Gorton Kimberley 264 216 274 186 940
2 Hartcher Aimee 238 210 206 124 778
3 Buckingham Jodi 244 124 234 122 724
1 Brear Ella 206 158 230 160 754
2 Woodward Stacey 180 70 216 126 592
1 Thompson Jamie 314 252 316 366 1248
2 Nolan Mitchell 308 246 268 300 1122
3 Hanrahan Ben 230 158 206 158 752
1 Roberts Jonathan F 248 294 306 288 1136
1 Davis Toby F 350 306 360 316 1332
2 Neale Christopher 332 304 320 336 1292
3 Young Jesse 296 212 340 248 1096
1 Davis Louis F 380 370 390 368 1508
1 Dolbel Josh 372 364 390 384 1510
2 Cummins Daniel 380 370 362 370 1482
3 Williams Ben 350 350 378 356 1434
1 Franklin David ug 372 234 366 276 1248
1 Woodward Damien 210 188 286 196 880
1 Salter Timothy 338 300 362 348 1348
2 Stephenson Brandon 314 234 306 274 1128
3 Avdalas Michael 272 290 284 196 1042
4 Schipp Roy 194 118 238 220 770
5 Kirby Scott 150 72 236 170 628
1 Brear Mark 350 226 322 270 1168
2 Thompson Dean 306 246 286 284 1122

1 Roberts Daniel F 378 360 368 364 1470
2 Hudson Wade 370 350 376 362 1458
3 Pryce Dane 376 330 358 292 1356
1 Buckingham Lisa 366 306 332 318 1322
2 Derrick Reyna 328 350 328 280 1286
3 Coote Vera 326 310 0 0 636
4 Hardy Rebecca 240 68 244 70 622
1 Gorton Wendy 252 216 266 170 904
1 Stephenson Judy 356 248 322 254 1180
2 Hardy Irene 160 52 146 72 430
1 Neuendorf Cassie 294 220 338 324 1176
2 Finn Leonore F 292 264 350 232 1138
3 Bond Kandie 302 232 334 254 1122
1 Wagner Linda 344 328 366 336 1374
2 Fairhall Lynne 352 338 360 296 1346
3 Otten Mariette - F 302 260 312 252 1126
4 O'Halloran Annette - F 184 188 252 68 692
1 Taylor Gail 172 90 226 122 610
1 Salter Noeline 260 144 328 240 972
2 Hudson Karen 206 154 214 144 718
3 Woodward Helen 172 18 114 68 372
1 Dolbel Stuart 366 314 378 332 1390
2 Hardy Cliff 368 316 346 320 1350
3 Taylor Robert 314 274 332 268 1188
4 Hardy Max 272 298 310 284 1164
5 Gorton Malcolm 328 224 342 262 1156
6 McCarthy John 272 200 270 206 948
7 Hardy Malcolm 292 176 346 0 814
1 Franklin Peter ug 348 312 304 254 1218

1 Moad Rod - F 310 244 318 316 1188
2 McCarthy Bill 264 218 290 166 938
1 Fairhall Tynan 340 312 340 338 1330
1 Jaeger Steve 376 388 388 390 1542
2 Buckingham David 376 340 388 376 1480
1 Lane Bradley F 380 382 372 362 1496
2 Marshall Terry 368 362 360 366 1456
3 Richer Des 346 320 364 354 1384
4 Smith Jason 366 316 348 314 1344
5 Taylor Lindsay 360 324 356 298 1338
6 Wells Fenn 314 298 332 354 1298
7 Dein Daniel 336 296 328 306 1266
8 Murch James 320 286 310 252 1168
1 Hartcher Tony 386 394 382 392 1554
2 Finn John F 378 368 392 388 1526
3 Derrick Keith 384 392 386 350 1512
4 Gillian Stephen 374 360 380 380 1494
5 Nichols Gary 338 372 380 362 1452
6 Bonanno Michael Ug 358 318 376 378 1430
1 Cobot Andrew F 376 356 388 392 1512
2 Bates Sam 380 368 372 388 1508
3 Wall Greg 374 366 372 332 1444
4 Hotchin Rob - F 380 340 374 346 1440
5 Apps Cecil 378 318 378 362 1436
6 Freeman Glen 348 340 370 278 1336
1 Ireland Ben 382 394 390 392 1558
2 Clebsch Eddie 376 390 386 390 1542
3 Tilbrook Adam 382 342 386 394 1504
4 Clark John 374 362 382 384 1502
5 Kemp Brad ug 370 358 358 344 1430
1 Sherwood Bruce 324 206 262 216 1008
2 Hudson Darrell 272 166 278 176 892

1 Peck Karl 244 212 274 206 936
1 Young Tony 228 184 202 142 756
2 Stiles John 232 72 254 172 730
3 Morrissey David 162 124 200 130 616
1 Smith Ken 254 220 294 256 1024
2 McDermott Ron 234 230 288 244 996
3 Cook Justin 256 192 244 254 946
4 Heusz Stephen 246 222 280 176 924
5 Woodward Stephen 216 190 258 190 854
6 Schipp Kevin 272 180 246 134 832
7 Greenaway Michael 200 164 262 140 766
1 Lucas Keith 302 362 318 306 1288
2 Salter Robert 310 310 324 268 1212
3 Pryce Geoff 310 218 308 326 1162
4 Nolan Matthew 286 164 294 254 998
5 Courtney Paul 240 184 260 194 878
6 Maher Les 278 156 274 166 874
7 Kropp Chris 266 172 240 182 860
8 Knez Lou 246 202 268 68 784
1 Mitchell Grahame 304 314 360 298 1276
2 Scott Ron 342 292 354 284 1272
3 Brear Malcolm 338 292 322 302 1254
4 Thompson Ken 318 296 344 294 1252
5 Everingham Mark 348 260 310 252 1170
6 Smith Peter 312 270 318 242 1142
7 Kozlowski Gary 330 254 296 238 1118
1 Smith Bob 334 320 328 274 1256
2 Roberts Kevin F 298 262 320 282 1162

Josh Takes First Trophy Goat

After a weekend at Glouster Tuesday looked like a good day to relax, so why not get a quick hunt in. Josh my 15year old son, Sam another you fellow from the club, and I left around 5.30am, a little late now the sun is getting up earlier, and headed to my favourite spot on the bottom of the Liverpool Plains. Arriving around 6.30am, the Suzuki didnt miss a beat, we kitted up and made the 4WD treck up the hills to the top ridge. It was one of the first times we had arrived at the top and not been able to see a single goat on the morning side of the ridge, I felt not a promising start. We made away along the southern ridge where I spotted a small mob milling around the top of a saddle, Sam had come across the peak not far behind me so I gave him the stalk, poor bugger hasnt shot a thing in about 2 years. After a brilliant stalk to within 15mtrs with minimal cover I watched as he positioned himself for the shot, but what was this, a Kangaroo was heading down the ridge straight towards Sam, it pulled up between the goats and Sam, looked his way, shook its head and headed off back down the hill without a clue of what was about to happen to the goats. Sam drew back and nailed his first goat, the others ran only a few metres before stopping to see what was going on with their friend, bad move, the next arrow failed to find it's mark, this steep rocky terrian can sort the best of them out. Sam loaded up again to nail another, two goats in less than five minutes and loading up for a third, but it wasnt to be.

Josh had made his way to my viewing platform at the later stages of the stalk and we both enjoyed the action taking place 100mtrs below us, after the goats moved on we made our way down to Sam, Josh had a shot at a stragler, wouned it and then made his way further down the hill and across the valley to finish it off.
I stalked down the hill towards where the goats had fled the second time only to find they had moved further around the hill and would soon be out of site, between me nad my knee's I thought it was just too early in the day to go rock hopping for a couple of nanny goats. I had a quick look around and headed back to take a picture of Sams goats. As I passed over a nob I saw a couple of horns through the long grass, I fell to my knees and crawled through verigated thistles and stinging nettles to the edge to find the mob Sam had just thinned out had doubled back and was walking straight to me. I drew back while still kneeling,lined the pins and peep up and waited about 5 seconds then there they were walking towards me at about five metres, I took the largest thinking it may have been a small billy, the titanium tri blade, a head I was trialing for the guys at Archery Supplies in Canberra, passed straight through, long ways, piecing the throat / chest area and exiting near the back hip before continuing on its way to the bottom of the valley, wont see that arrow again. I saw the arrow dissappear in the chest and the goat, it didnt make a noise, it just ran, and left me standing there scratching my head wondering how something can run after getting tweny eight inchs of arrow with 1.5 inchs of broadhead put throught it, damn these goats around here are tough. I finished it off and was dissapointed to find it was a nanny, a couple of pics later and we were all together and back up the ridge to find something else.

We glassed the north ridge and spotted a couple of billies feeding around a few low bushes, it was Josh's stalk as he had only dispatched a nanny through the morning, we all got down to around 80mtrs before working out what the swirly wind was going to do and what route in had the best cover, Josh stalked in to around 40mtrs before a nanny caught a wiff of him, she just stood and snorted for what seemed like an eternity, we called Josh back and found another path in, 20minutes later he was in range and the mob had gathered, there was maybe 6 goats all well over 30", and a large number, 20+, betweem 20" and 30". This was looking much more interesting. With a nobby rock between Josh and the goats all he could do was wait for the mob to move around a little before he could get a shot away. After what Josh said felt like forever he was ready to take a shot, Sam nor I could see what he was aiming at, away the arrow flew, we heard the sound of arrow versus rocks and assumed the worse, looking back towards Josh up the hill he also looked a little dissapointed as he loaded another arrow and slammed it low and back on a 20"+ billy, the mob fled leaving little to no chance for Sam or I to clean up the dregs, I shot an arrow but missed a trailing billy by a foot or two, Sam ran off after the mob and I went to look for my arrow, I looked back up the hill towards Josh to see him indicating how big the goats were, I nodded and continued looking for my arrow, something caught the corner of my eye, I looked back towards Josh, he was jumping around, punching the air, then done the how wide the horns were signal again, pointed at himself and punched the air again, maybe that first arrow had hit more than rocks. I made my way up the hill to find Josh with the biggest grin I have think I've ever seen on him, his first arrow had passed through a nice 31" billy, clean through the heart killing it within metres of where he had hit it. Josh had claimed his biggest goat yet (and smiled for the entire trip home). We removed the trophy and I said to Josh, you killed it, you carry it, as I looked up the steep hill we needed to scale to get back to the car.
All in all a great day, at a great spot.

Josh's 97 6/8 point billy

Sunday, September 18, 2005

3 Arrow Round To Finish The 04/05 Scoring Season

Sunday turned out to be a gloriuos day after a rainy end to the week and the last shoot having to be called of on account of rain. Although soft under foot it was a perfect cool spring day to finish the 2004 / 05 scoring season.

Before the shoot archers agreed to cancell the next scheduled shoot which was down for the 25th of September. This made the days shoot the last practice session before the NSW State ABA Titles to be held at Glouster on October 1st-3rd. Anyone wishing to attend the state ABA shoot should pre nominate with Vera Coote.

The days shoot went well with Phillip Porter putting in a blinder to set a new club record in the Bare Bow Compound division, Phillip shot a score a fair majority of the sighted shooters would have been happy with.
Jodi "I love my new bow" Dolbel also posted a new club record for the womens open division after restling with a few early "equipment ??" problems.
The range was in perfect conditions as usual. The 3 arrow, all scoring round was shot over twenty target on the boundry range, making it out of 1200, with a kill = 20points, Wound 15points and the Hit area worth 10points.

Scores For The Day

Janice Banks Womens Traditional 155

Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 865

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 555
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 330

Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 495

Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 475
Neal Morris Mens Traditional 255
Rob Banks Mens Traditional 130

John Clark Mens Open 1125
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 1080
Sam Bates Mens Open 985

Philip Porter Mens Compound 945
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 870
Collin Hall Mens Compound 585
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 355

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 1010
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 940
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 755

Sophie Donovan Cub Girl Traditional 450
Amy Stubbs Cub Girl Traditional 170
Meg Jaeger Cub Boy Traditional 145

Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 790
Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 710

Shaun Boyd-McCaw Cub Boy Compound 675

Ben Morris Boy Junior Traditional 375
Dan Morris Boy Junior Traditional 160

Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 995
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 885
Jordan Carter Boy Junior Open 580

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 945
Ben Stubs Boy Junior Compound 540
Damian Woodward Boy Junior Compound 400

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Moontera: Branch E 3D

Namoi Valley Archers was represented by a very strong 18 member team at the Northern NSW Branch 3D Championships held on the Central Coast over the weekend and after an outstanding performance the team returned with 8 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals. The tournament was very well supported with 118 competitors in attendance and with only one twenty target range in operation shoot groups were extended to 6 competitors per target which resulted in relatively long rounds over the two days. The format for the event featured a 3 arrow round ( first scoring arrow to count) on Saturday morning followed by a 1 arrow round in the afternoon and a 2 arrow round (both arrows to score) on Sunday morning. The newly adopted scoring system proved very popular with competitors and the range designers drew high praise for their testing but very fair courses set out over the weekend.
Ben Ireland scored a great win in Freestyle Unlimited, after holding a narrow 2 point lead overnight from fellow club member John Clark, Ireland scorched around the course on Sunday dropping just 4 points out of a possible 800 to score an impressive 28 point win from Clark who turned in a steady round to retain second place. Steve Jaeger and David Buckingham gave the club another one-two finish after fighting out the Freestyle Limited division with Jaeger finishing strongly on the Sunday to score the win. Darrell Hudson and Michael Patrick also grabbed a quinella for the club after a see sawing battle in Mens Recurve with the pair holding off a strong group of recurve archers to finish the weekend on top after turning in very impressive performances over the three rounds. Stuart Dolbel scored a great win in Bowhunter Limited Flight 2 and must be knocking on the door of a well earned promotion into the top flight. Cassie Neuendorf was thrilled with her win in Bowhunter Unlimited after a very determined performance showing great character over the weekend’s competition. Karen Hudson was the surprise performer after deciding at the last minute to compete in her first away tournament Hudson showed plenty of ability to grab a well earned silver medal in Womens Compound turning in three impressive rounds and Lisa Buckingham confirmed her potential with a bronze medal in a very competitive Womens Bowhunter Limited division.
The club’s junior members were right in the thick of the action with Jodi Buckingham and Keegan Patrick finishing with gold medals in their respective Junior Compound D grade divisions and Jackelyn Patrick grabbed gold in Cub Recurve with a very encouraging performance. Wade Hudson finished in second place in Junior Compound Advanced and Cameron Hill grabbed second place in Junior Bowhunter Limited while Josh Dolbel finished with the bronze medal in a very hot Junior Freestyle Unlimited division and Christopher Patrick rounded out the medal count with a well earned bronze in Cub Compound.

The Team.

The remaining Moontera course was a real challenge for anyone who hadn't done a lot of rainforest or hilly shooting, some of the shots were brilliant as the 3D animals were placed through the forest terrain, in creek beds, at the bottom of steep gully's, the course made use of the abundance of dead ground to try and trick the archer when estimating distances.

The deer shot through a huge split tree was a favorite, until day 2 when they replaced the elk with a much smaller doe.

It was also pleasant to see everyone was happy to get their photo taken, everyone except Bob that is.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Club Hunting Score Update

There is only a month left in the club hunting season and the year has seen some good competition from the new comers, although outsiders they have given the guru's some competition, and with a month to go you never know what might happen.

Josh Dolbel with his latest kill, a tough little billy that gave him some downhill training after a good stalk using the hilly terrain as cover.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Delta Targets Challenge

Thirty four archers took to the range on a cool day to test their skills against the difficult Delta targets. These particular type of coloured animal targets are a challenge due to the life like location, size and shape of the kill and wound zones. For instance the turkey target would have a kill zone no larger than a fifty cent piece and with the kill zone invisible from 20+metres makes the target very testing. On the larger targets the heart or kill zone is often much lower that one would expect and with a very small margin for error on the low side if you go low you will often score a miss instead of getting even a hit for a minimum score of ten points.
The format consisted of a three arrow all count with each score zone being recored as 20 points for a kill, 15 for a wound and 10 for a hit.
The mens open division was close with John Clark edging out Steve Jaeger and Ben Ireland who deadheated for second place. Michael Rommer was back to his old form and took out the cubs barebow easily.
With the tougher delta targets scores were well down on what a standard 3 arrow shoot on ABA paper would result in but it was deffinatley good practice for the Branch 3D titles to be shot at Wyong nex tweekend.


Vera Banks Womens Traditional 285

Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 645

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 390

Neal Morris Mens Traditional 305
Rob Banks Mens Traditional 160

John Clark Mens Open 895
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 855
Ben Ireland Mens Open 855
Shane Donovan Mens Open 640

Ken Thompson Mens Compound 765
Philip Porter Mens Compound 725
Collin Hall Mens Compound 710
Ken Hill Mens Compound 505

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 940
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 795
Matt Krug Mens Bowhunter Limited 770
Scott Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 750
Lloyd Jauja Mens Bowhunter Limited 280

Janice Banks Cub Girl Traditional 205
Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 130

Shane Thompson Cub Boy Traditional 445
Ben Morris Cub Boy Traditional 440
Samuel Jauja Cub Boy Traditional 60

Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 755
Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 620

Michael Romer Cub Boy Compound 740
Shaun Boyd-McCaw Cub Boy Compound 640
Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Compound 320

Dan Morris Boy Junior Traditional 270

Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 845
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 745
Cameron Hill Boy Junior Open 350

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 700
Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 445

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Aussie Field Round

An Aussie Field round was competed on the deceptive Boundary Range at the Wondobah Archery Field this Sunday. Scoring is simply 5 - 4 - 3 for the black and white faced tagets set at varying distances as per the ABA range.
Forty Three archers competed making it one of the larget fields in some time for a normal club shoot. The Mens Open grade saw some stiff competition with the winner only doing so by 1 point after 20 targets.
A large number of record scores were also set on the day with Ken Thompson, Lisa Buckingham, Cassie Neuendorf, Wade Hudson and Sebastian Donovan all making the benchmarks a little higher in their respective grades.


Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 193

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 132
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 95

Lisa Buckingham Women Bowhunter Limited 207
Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 170
Jill Saunders Women Bowhunter Limited 165

Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 161
Niel Morris Mens Traditional 155
Peter Stubs Mens Traditional 92
Rob Banks Mens Traditional 60

John Clark Mens Open 286
Ben Ireland Mens Open 285
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 281
David Buckingham Mens Open 271
Shane Donovan Mens Open 176

Ken Thompson Mens Compound 253
Philip Porter Mens Compound 238
Collin Hall Mens Compound 198

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 263
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 239
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 239
Rob Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 229
Scott Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 209
Lloyd Jauja Mens Bowhunter Limited 96

Krystal Jauja Cub Girl Traditional 78
Janice Banks Cub Girl Traditional 34
Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 31

Georgia Buckingham Cub Girl Compound 22

Dan Morris Cub Boy Traditional 81

Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 183
Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 143
Jackson Howes Cub Boy Open 124

Michael Romer Cub Boy Compound 164
Shaun Boyd-McCaw Cub Boy Compound 154
Joel Boorer Cub Boy Compound 120
Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Compound 90

Ben Morris Boy Junior Traditional 134
Ben Stubs Boy Junior Traditional 84

Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 245
Jordan Carter Boy Junior Open 168

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 244
Damian Woodward Boy Junior Compound 102
Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 83

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Branch ABA Titles

Namoi Valley Archers hosted the branch ABA titles last weekend. Over ninety competitors hit the ranges to fight out the 2005 branch E titles.
Here are the scores.

Adult Male Barebow A Grade
Phillip Porter 1342
Robin Huckett 1332
Ron Scott 1268
Ken Thompson 1258
Graham Mitchell 1224
Neville White 1196
Nicholas Clark 1084
Colin Hall 1066
Peter Fryder 1018
Ben Johnson 812

Adult Male Barebow B Grade
Keith Lucas 1196
Bob Reynolds 1124
Peter Watt 1098
Ken Hill 994
Peter Almond 928

Adult Male Barebow C Grade
Ken Smith 1020
Ron McDermott 998
Mat Nolan 972
Bob Francis 860
Stephen Woodward 694

Adult Male Barebow D Grade
John Styles 902
David Morrissey 660

Adult Male Barebow Recurve A Grade
Darrell Hudson 962

Adult Male Barebow Recurve D Grade
Michael Patrick 874

Adult Male Bowhunter Limited Flyte 1
Ian Dewley 1358
Matt Krug 1152
Greg Donovan 1062

Adult Male Bowhunter Limited Flyte 2
Stuart Dolbel 1464
Rob Porter 1422
Malcolm Hardy 1314
Max Hardy 1174

Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited Flyte 1
Kieth Derrick 1538
Tony Hartcher 1536
Ralph Bowden 1522
Jeff Jennings 1460
Peter Fairhall 1378
Des Richer 1278
Jason Smith 1182
Graeme Harris 1130
Danial Dein 922

Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited Flyte 2
Bruce Crumpton 1514
Mason Crumpton 1464

Adult Male Freestyle Limited Flyte 1
Dave Buckingham 1460
Rob Taylor 1086

Adult Male Freestyle Limited Recurve Flyte 2
Sam Bates 1412
Charlie Howard 1370

Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited Flyte 1
Ben Ireland 1578
Adam Tilbrook 1492

Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited Flyte 2
Ed Clebsch 1536
Ces Apps 1510
Glenn Freeman 1402
Bob Rayward 1238

Adult Woman Barebow A Grade
Karen Hudson 676
Louise Sanden 410

Adult Woman Barebow D Grade
Narelle Bailey 436

Adult Woman Barebow Recurve A Grade
Gail Taylor 478

Adult Woman Bowhunter Limited Flyte 1
Lisa Buckingham 1208
Kay Humphries 998
Rebecca Hardy 664

Adult Woman Bowhunter Limited Flyte 2
Reyna Derrick 1354
Cassie Neuendorf 1166

Adult Woman Freestyle Limited Flyte 1
Irene Hardy 386

Adult Woman Freestyle Limited Flyte 2
Judy Stephenson 1080
Linda Wagner 1364
Lynne Fairhall 1362

Cub Boy Barebow A Grade
Brandon Stephenson 1182
Shaun Boyd-McCaw 1038
Peter Phanoras 776

Cub Boy Barebow C Grade
Christopher Patrick 550
Jarrod Morrissey 842

Cub Boy Bowhunter Limited Flyte 1
Sebastian Donovan 1230
Mathew Jauja 956

Cub Boy Freestyle Limited Recurve A Grade
Shane Thompson 996

Cub Girl Barebow D Grade
Jodie Styles 1046
Samantha Almond 492
Georgia Buckingham 364
Ella Hartcher 716

Cub Girl Barbow Recurve D Grade
Jackelyn Patrick 390

Junior Boy Barebow A Grade
Wade Hudson 1426
Keegan Patrick 754

Junior Boy Barebow C Grade
Mitch Nolan 936

Junior Boy Barebow Recurve A Grade
Tom Hunt 328

Junior Boy Bowhunter Limited Flyte 1
Mathew Allwood 1274
Logan Bailey 1106
Chris Neal 1052
Cameron Hill 976
Murray Hatch 916
Scott Grace 742

Junior Boy Bowhunter Unlimited Flyte 2
Alex Crumpton 1490

Junior Boy Freestyle Limited Flyte 1
Darcy Plunkett 1308

Junior Boy Freestyle Unlimited F1
Joshua Dolbel 1510
Robbie Porter 1272

Junior Girl Barebow D Grade
Jodi Buckingham 410
Junior Girl

Barebow Recurve A Grade
Desany Phanoras 498

Sunday, July 03, 2005

ABA Round

Thirty four archers enjoyed ideal winter conditions on the Wondobah Range this Sunday. With the branch ABA titles coming up on the 23rd and 24th of this month everyone got in some much needed practice after a disappointing start to the day.
Thieves had stolen steel seats that had been cemented into the ground along with two drop down steel serving counters in the canteen. Everyone was bitterly disappointed as the club has been busy preparing for the major shoot at the end of the month and this senseless act will just make things more difficult. The grounds have been slowly built up over the years through the hard work of the members and when things like this happen it just boils the blood and makes you wonder why you bother.
After the groups where called everyone headed out and had a great time, as the scores would suggest.

Please also remember there is a working bee at 10am next Saturday for those who can make it.

Vera Banks Womens Traditional 128

Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 538

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 416

Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 440

Sam Bates Olympic Junior Boy 656

Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 414
Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 414
Peter Stubs Mens Traditional 282
Rob Banks Mens Traditional 114

Ben Ireland Mens Open 784
John Clark Mens Open 776
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 776
Shane Donovan Mens Open 512

Philip Porter Mens Compound 654
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 644
Collin Hall Mens Compound 534
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 308

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 748
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 594
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 586

Stacey Woodward Girl Junior Compound 268

Krystal Jauja Cub Girl Traditional 182
Janice Banks Cub Girl Traditional 140
Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 120

Ben Stubs 552

Dan Morris Cub Boy Traditional 370

Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 610
Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 500

Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Compound 298

Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 738
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 574

Cameron Hill Boy Junior Open 222

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 672
Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 340

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Rain Cuts ABA Round Short

A small field of dedicated (read crazy) archers hit the modified "Outback" range for some ABA practice before the Branch Shoot at Hunter. The rain was persistant but not heavy enough to dampen the spirits with some good first half scores being recorded, (and some not so good) with a few archers discovering that wet weather gear is not that suitable to the sport. With the round cut short the score was out of 400 for the day.


Stuart Dolbel 346
Ken Thompson 312
Steve Jaeger 378
Ben Ireland 386
Cassie Neuendorf 304
Darryl Hudson 260
Wade Hudson 338
Robbie Porter 350
Sam Bates 372
Josh Dolbel 368
Shane Thompson 261
Sebastian Donovan 340
Greg Donovan 306
Karen Hudson 232
Jodi Dolbel 320
Emelia Dolbel 278
Shane Donovan 256
Shaun Boyd-McCaw 312
Collin Hall 266

A two day Branch Invitational Shoot will be held at the Hunter ground at Buchanan on the 25th and 26th. See you there.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hunting Score Update 30/5/05

IFAA Round June 5th

A IFAA round was held this weekend to give some much needed practice to those heading the IFAA Nationals at Hervey Bay this coming weekend. IFAA is not as popular with many as the ABA rounds are but Namoi Valley Archers will still be sending a strong field to the Nationals to represent Branch E. The branch and the club were very successful at the ABA Nationals at Easter this year and hope to carry the form across to the IFAA style. With marked distances some may call it easier but when those distances can be out to 72mtr (ABA Max = 48) you can begin to see where the challenge lies. The Hunter and Field round also require 28 target X 4 arrows which some archers find tyering compared to the 1 to 3 arrows over 20 targets X 2 in ABA.
A good was had and a few glitchs were found and hopefully fixed for the Nationals, good luck to all competing.

A congratulations should also be made to those who travelled away to shoot over the last couple of weeks. Sam Bates shot well at the FITA, finishing 4th in an impressive field. The Woodwards also travelled to Newcastle to compete in the hottly contested indoor event. Hellen took out the gold Stacey a gold, Damien a silver and Steve just out of the medals with an impressive 4th place.

IFAA Scores.

Ben Ireland 510
John Clark 501
Bryen Bates 476
Stuart Dolbel 463
Sam Bates 428
Jodi Dolbel 417
Ken Thompson 407
Wade Hudson 379
Josh Dolbel 371
Phillip Porter 360
Dean Thompson 325
Shane Thompson 325
Robbie Porter 305
Jamie Thompson 288
Colin Hall 270
Darrell Hudson 226
Cameron Hill 180
Emelia Dolbel 130

3D Range Tested 29th May

A 3D round was organised for a glorious day's archery. After a shocking cold cloudy Saturday, Sunday realy turned it on. A good numbers of archers participated making it an enjoyable day for all. A few quick changed to distances and a diviation to the normal layout made for a very interesting and challenging shoot. A special thanks should be given to Phillip Porter who took the time out to put a number of club members through their BPC course, congratulations to those who passed.

Scores for the 3D shoot.
Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 662
Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 364
Cameron Hill Boy Junior Compound 340
Shaun Boyd-McCaw Boy Junior Compound 244

Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 548
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 546

Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Compound 191

Shane Thompson Cub Boy Olympic 212

Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 322
Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 304
Hayden Riordan Cub Boy Open 34

Avery Edmunds Cub Boy Traditional 80

Emelia Dolbel Cub Girl Compound 126

Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 158
Krystal Jauja Cub Girl Traditional 58

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 766
Scott Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 706
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 660
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 608

Ken Thompson Mens Compound 630
Philip Porter Mens Compound 618
Ken Hill Mens Compound 556
Collin Hall Mens Compound 368
Glen Edmunds Mens Compound 62

John Clark Mens Open 800
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 788
Ben Ireland Mens Open 788

Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 490
Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 442

Jill Saunders Women Bowhunter Limited 446
Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 372

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 336

Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 568
Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 558

Kim Jauja Womens Traditional 46

Sunday, May 15, 2005

3 Arrow Round 15th May

A good field showed up for a three arrow animal round. ABA tagets proved deceptive and a few changed to the range soon had the hunters scratching their heads. All three arrows were scored with a kill recording 20pts, a would 15pts and a hit 10pts.

Sam Bates BJ Olympic 780

Wade Hudson BJC 855
Keegan Patrick BJC 480
Cameron Hill BJC 440
Damian Woodward BJC 345

Robbie Porter BJO 845
Josh Dolbel BJO 795

Blake Boyd BJT 390

Sebastian Donovan CBO 740
Mathew Jauja CBO 605
Emelia Dolbel CGO 435

Krystal Jauja CGT 115

Shaun Boyd-McCaw JBC 545

Shaun Andrews JBT 670

Philip Porter MC 725
Collin Hall MC 550
Ken Hill MC 520
Steve Woodward MC 470

Stuart Dolbel MBHL 970
Scott Porter MBHL 830
Greg Donovan MBHL 810

Ben Ireland MO 1125
Bryen Bates MO 1105
Steve Jaeger MO 1090

Darryl Hudson MT 600
Michael Patrick MT 465
Darren Boyd MT 400

Karen Hudson WC 385
Helen Woodward WC 200

Jill Saunders WBHL 725

Cassie Neuendorf WO 610

Friday, May 06, 2005

1st May Animal Round

Namoi Valley Archers held a three arrow animal round on Sunday with a big field taking to the Outback range to shoot in perfect weather conditions. In the Bowhunter Limited division Stuart Dolbel proved too steady for the opposition with Greg Donovan shooting well to take second place with Scott Porter grabbing third. Ken Thompson continued his recent run of hot form scoring a good win in Mens Compound relegating Phillip Porter to second place with Steve Woodward taking third. Cassie Neuendorf and Jodi Dolbel turned on a spirited battle in Womens Open with Neuendorf winning by a narrow five point margin with Norma Culley in third place. Darrell Hudson bounced back to form winning the Traditional division with an excellent score with Michael Patrick also shooting well in second place with Peter Stubs finishing third. Josh Dolbel shot a personal best score to win Junior Open with Robbie Porter in second and Jordan Carter in third. In other club news outstanding junior barebow archer Wade Hudson turned in a brilliant performance at the recent Tuggerah Lakes ABA Invitational tournament winning the B grade contest by a massive margin. Hudson actually shot scores two grades above his current grading and on this form will be receiving a well earned promotion very shortly. The Eagle Boys award went to John Clark with Cameron Hill receiving the McDonalds award.


Bowhunter Limited – Stuart Dolbel 905, Greg Donovan 845, Scott Porter 760, Rob Porter 580, Colin Hall 495.

Mens Compound – Ken Thompson 895, Phillip Porter 835, Steve Woodward 445.

Womens Compound – Karen Hudson 440.

Mens Open – John Clark 1120, Ben Ireland 1105, Steve Jaeger 1095, Bryen Bates 1045.

Womens Open – Cassie Neuendorf 620, Jodi Dolbel 615, Norma Culley 365.

Traditional – Darrell Hudson 520, Michael Patrick 460, Peter Stubs 195.

Novice – Jill Saunders 830.

Junior Open – Josh Dolbel 940, Robbie Porter 830, Jordan Carter 450.

Junior Compound – Wade Hudson 855, Cameron Hill 410, Keegan Patrick 240.

Junior Olympic – Sam Bates 1050.

Junior Traditional - Ben Stubs 195.

Cub Open – Sebastian Donovan 640, Matthew Jauja 620.

Cub Compound – Shaun Boyd-McCaw 325, Avery Edmonds 320, Christopher Patrick 265, Damian Woodward 245, Hayden Riordan 230, Lucas Edmonds 225.

Cub Olympic – Shane Thompson 445.

Cub Recurve – Jackelyn Patrick 105.

Little Archers – Krystal Jauja 255, Hayden Baker 130.

The next club shoot will be held on May 15th with registration at 9.00am for a 9.30am start on the range.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

IFAA Animal Round

A perfect day at the range saw some very good scores posted in the popular IFAA Animal round, everyone likes the big score zones but the distances tend to make them look small on some of the longer targets. John Clarke shot well dropping 2 points for the 28 targets. Wade Hudson also had a blinder. Ken Thompson also showed his liking for these targets posting a personal best and a club record for the barebow compound grade. Rob Porter dusted off old faithfull and showed that an good old bow is still a good bow, regardless of the colour !!. ??.
Next club shoot is May 1st.

This weekend see's Tuggerah Lakes Field Archers hosting a branch invitational ABA shoot at the Yarramalong Valley range, if you like a challenge head down, the Black Range has bought many a bowman to greif.

Directions to the Yarramalong Valley Range

Heading south on the Expressway take the Wyong exit south of the Caltex Service centre. Turn right across the expressway for approx. 20km to Yarramalong Village. Turn left up Bramble Hill Road for 5km. Turn left into Forest Road. Range entry is approx. 1km on left

Weekend Score IFAA Animal
Namoi Valley Archers

Lisa Buckingham Womens Open 508
Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 472

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 340

Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 410

Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 396
Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 386

John Clark Mens Open 558
David Buckingham Mens Open 552
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 548

Ken Thompson Mens Compound 532
Philip Porter Mens Compound 506
Ken Hill Mens Compound 458

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 540
Rob Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 474

Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 246

Emelia Dolbel Cub Girl Compound 62

Lucas Edmonds Cub Boy Traditional 316
Avery Edmonds Cub Boy Traditional 210
Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Traditional 148

Hayden Riordan Cub Boy Open 216

Ben Stubs Boy Junior Traditional 402

Sam Bates Boy Junior Open 550
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 496
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 404
Jamie Thompson Boy Junior Open 340
Glen Culley Boy Junior Open 152

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 504
Cameron Hill Boy Junior Compound 342
Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 288

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Directions To Namoi Valley Archers Range

Follow the Coonabarabran signs to the roundabout just past the South St silo, next to the show ground. Turn south down View St, drive past the Longmuir playing fields on the Western side of the showground, just past a divider in the middle of the road is a turn off to the right, follow Wondobah Rd about 18kms South of town, the turn off to the range is just over the crest of a hill so keep an eye out for it. On bigger shoots the ABA signs will be out.

Check the website for the shoot calander, all are welcome to club shoots, if you have no equipment that's ok as long as you contact someone before coming out, that way we can make sure you have a club bow and a few arrows for the day.

The next branch shoot is the 23rd & 24th of July 2005, the ABA Branch Titles. Club shoots are every second Sunday as a guide.

17th April – Club Shoot 9.30am
23rd & 24th April – Tuggerah Lakes Field Archers (Yarramalong Valley) ABA Invitation

1st May – Club Shoot 9.30am
15th May – Club Shoot 9.30am
14th & 15th May – Southwest Slopes Field Archers (Tumut) NSW State IFAA Titles
21st & 22nd May – Hunter Archery Centre (Newcastle) Branch Indoor Titles
29th May – Club Shoot 9.30am

5th June – Club Shoot 9.30am
10th/11th/12th/13th/14th June – Wide Bay Archers (Hervey Bay) National IFAA Titles
19th June – Club Shoot 9.30am

3rd July – Club Shoot 9.30am
17th July – Club Shoot 9.30am
23rd & 24th July – Namoi Valley Archers (Gunnedah) Branch ABA Titles

7th August – Club Shoot 9.30am
21st August – Club Shoot 9.30am
27th & 28th August – Moonterra Archers (Wyong) Branch 3D Titles

4th September – Club Shoot 9.30am
18th September – Club Shoot 9.30am
25th September – Club Shoot 9.30am

1st &2nd October – Avon Valley Archers (Gloucester) NSW State ABA Titles
9th October – Club Shoot 9.30am
23rd October – Club Shoot 9.30am

5th & 6th October – Namoi Valley Archers (Gunnedah) Branch IFAA Titles
20th November – Club Shoot 9.00am

4th December – Club Shoot 9.00am
*Please be at the range to register for shoot 30 minutes before advertised start time

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hunting Score Update

3 Arrow Round: 3rd April 2005

The club round this weekend used the Aussie style targets on the outback range, many good scores were posted and some 3 arrow club records broken on the day. The weather was perfect with a bit of breeze to keep you guesing.
Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 900
Jordan Carter Boy Junior Compound 680
Cameron Hill Boy Junior Compound 395

Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 880
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 785

Michael Romer Cub Boy Compound 1000
Damian Woodward Cub Boy Compound 235

Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 485
Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 440

Shane Thompson Cub Boy Traditional 550

Emelia Dolbel Cub Girl Compound 285

Meg Jaeger Cub Girl Traditional 380

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 1085
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 780
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 770
Scott Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 620

Philip Porter Mens Compound 850
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 845
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 665
Ken Hill Mens Compound 620

Ben Ireland Mens Open 1165
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 1045

Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 620

Sam Bates Olympic Junior Boy 910

Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 600

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 435
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 165

Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 810
Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 735

Janice Jaeger Womens Traditional 360

Charleville 05: Namoi Valley Archers Too Strong

Namoi Valley Archers team members have returned from the 2005 Australian Field Archery Championships with a record medal haul of seven gold medals across the two championship events contested in the outback Queensland town of Charleville over the Easter weekend. Over 375 archers and their families descended on the area for the weekend with competitors enjoying fine weather over the four days of the championships with the Charleville club receiving high praise for their efforts in staging the tournament although most competitors are still trying to shake the legendary red bulldust from their gear.

The Australian ABA Championships attracted a field of 375 archers for the four round tournament with competitors shooting twenty paper targets per round featuring hand drawn feral animals such as goats pigs, deer and buffalo at unmarked distances. Steve Jaeger confirmed his rating as the best Freestyle Limited shooter in the land with his third consecutive win in this event turning in four consistent rounds to leave the opposition floundering in his wake with another outstanding performance. Ben Ireland finished fifth in the 2004 championships and has been working incredibly hard since then with everything coming together just at the right time as he won his first Australian championship in the ultra competitive Freestyle Unlimted division with the top competitors shooting scores in excess of 390 points out of 400 in each round making the margin for error extremely slim. Ireland finished the tournament with the highest overall score of any competitor at the event and brings the prestigious title of Overall Sighted Champion to the local club for the first time. Sam Bates confirmed his potential winning his first Australian title in the Junior Freestyle Unlimited event with a top class performance. The unflappable Bates handled the pressure of being favourite for the event shutting out his opposition with high quality archery from the very first target with his hard work at the practice butts prior to this event proving the difference. The club’s youngest competitor at the championships Jackelyn Patrick showed she has a big future in the sport with a gold medal in Cub Girls Recurve D grade turning in a courageous performance over the four rounds. Stuart Dolbel finished with the silver medal in Bowhunter Limited with son Josh Dolbel also winning silver in Junior Bowhuntter Unlimited in a great family double. Michael Patrick added to the medal haul with the silver medal in the Recurve D grade to round out a great tournament. The teams event is always a very hard fought affair with the Northern NSW Branch winning the bragging rights for the next twelve months for the first time in many years with local club members Steve Jaeger, Ben Ireland, Stuart Dolbel and Bryen Bates all part of the winning team. In the junior teams event the Northern NSW Branch finished second with Sam Bates, Cade Rowland and Josh Dolbel part of this team.

The Australian 3D Championships were also conducted over the weekend with over 250 competitors shooting four rounds of twenty targets, featuring lifesize animals made of a special high density foam set at unmarked distances. Steve Jaeger showed his all round ability winning the Freestyle Limited title in this event at his first attempt outclassing his opposition with another outstanding performance. Sam Bates also scored double gold adding the Junior Freestyle Unlimited championship to his win in the ABA event confirming him as the best junior sighted shooter at the championships. Josh Dolbel scored his first Australian gold medal with a gritty performance in Junior Bowhunter Unlimited in a fantastic result for this quietly spoken young archer. Ben Ireland finished with the silver medal in Freestyle Unlimited after a titanic battle with 3D specialist Simon Gallen and Stuart Dolbel added a second silver medal with a fighting performance in Bowhunter Limited.

National coach, Gary Nichols described the achievements of Namoi Valley Archers at these championships as simply outstanding with the club now having the Australian senior and junior Freestyle Unlimited champions as well as the senior Freestyle Limited champion. Nichols also pointed out that that Namoi Valley Archers provided the backbone of both the winning senior team and the junior team which finished runner-up in the team event.

As well as the archery events competitions are also held in Axe throwing and Knife throwing. Steve Jaeger showed he had the Midas touch over the weekend winning the Australian Knife throwing event in front of an enthusiastic and noisy crowd using a knife he designed and built himself. A great finish to a memorable four days of competion for this popular club member.

Welcome to Charleville.

Everyone is keen so it's of to the practise butts.

Like everyone else

The 3D range was tyering, and then you got to it, 1.6km through the bulldust to the first target.

With the first round of the 3D out of the way it was time for sleep and then the start of the ABA, a 3arrow and 1arrow round followed by a one arrow 3D round to pull the day up, rise and shine everyone.

The ABA ranges were very testing with the flat country and tunnel like shots through the Mulga very deceptive, plenty of maximums in all groups too.

Bryan Bates, although not in the medals for a change, was one of the happier archers at the lunch break, coming in with a 398 out of 400 for the round, not bad for a guy shooting an entry level bow hahahaha.....who was the wanker who said that.

When the dust settled the story above says it all, here are the happy archers.
Ben Ireland

Sam Bates

Mick Patrick

He's smiling.....really.
Steve Jaeger

Josh Dolbel

Stuart Dolbel

See you next year at Orange, no dust just doona's for 2006.

Monday, March 21, 2005

ABA Round Yields Good Competition

The weather was perfect for a day of archery on Sunday so a full ABA round was put on to take advantage of the best autumn had to offer. Some sneaky adjustments were done to the range as the targets were placed out to ensure all of those who are off to the Nationals this weekend had a decent challenge. The boundry range although the flatest of the ranges has some deceptive targets and with John moving the odd peg around they were all the more difficult for those relying on their memory.
Cassie Nuendorf shot a personal best and in doing so set a new benchmark in the clubs women open division taking out a long held record. Wade Hudson also blitzed the competition in the Juniors Boys compound crushing the old club record on the way.
The National Titles in Charleville this weekend has attracted a number of archers from the Namoi Valley club, good luck to you all and here's hoping to a bag full of medals.

Ben Ireland Mens Open 780
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 776
John Clark Mens Open 774
David Buckingham Mens Open 738
Bryen Bates Mens Open 738
Trent Rowe Mens Open 334

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 730
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 662
Matt Krug Mens Bowhunter Limited 598
Shane Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 572
Scott Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 350
Rob Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 314

Philip Porter Mens Compound 670
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 638

Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 496
Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 434
Lloyd Jauja Mens Traditional 28

Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 610
Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 596

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 402

Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 476

Janice Jaeger Womens Traditional 320

Sam Bates Boy Junior Open 776
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 648
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 620

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 702
Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 382
Cameron Hill Boy Junior Compound 356

Cade Rowland Boy Junior Traditional 566

Jay Buckingham Girl Junior Compound 238
Jodi Buckingham Girl Junior Compound 192

Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 608
Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 256

Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Traditional 344

Emelia Dolbel Cub Girl Compound 142

Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 328

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Happy Hunters

Greg has been hunting with the bow for only a short time and has already killed a pig bigger than most of us will ever see. His first kill was a goat in January this year but obviously that didn't get the adrenaline pumping enough so he went on to bigger meaner things very quickly.

This is Gregs first kill, and like most of us it was fun but not that trophy class Billy that was just at the head of the heard.

This monster pig was shot at 25mtrs with a 55lb Martin Jaguar using 125g Terminators on the end of some goldtip hunters. This pig weighed 100kgs. The first arrow was a nice lung shot but the pig still managed to run 100yrds before falling. As you would expect a another arrow was used to make sure the pig was dead before approaching within 10yrds.

This is a couple of goats taken a few weeks ago by Lloyd and Greg, part of Lloyd neccessary physio exercises to help in his recoperation. After talking to Lloyd and the way he pulled up after a few hours hunting is may well be the last attempt for a while too. Back to the couch with a handfull of pain killers to get himself ready for the winter hunts at Blackville.

Please email me any pics you would like posted, I can cut them down to 50kb or you can but please dont send me 2MB pictures to download, unless they are worth it 8-).

Sunday, March 06, 2005

3D Round 6th March 2005

Thirty seven archery took to the Wondobah Road Archery range this weekend to compete in a 3D round. After a wet Saturday the weather could not have been better, soft under foot and cool. A two arrow round was shot with the archery scoring both arrows, the second round proved tough as it was a single arrow round.

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 528
Jordan Carter Boy Junior Compound 476
Cade Rowland Boy Junior Compound 470
Shaun Andrews Boy Junior Compound 388

Sam Bates Boy Junior Open 748
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 686
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 536

Damian Woodward Cub Boy Compound 256

Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 290
Hayden Riordan Cub Boy Open 190
Beau Gardner Cub Boy Open 174

Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Traditional 98

Georgia Buckingham Cub Girl Compound 54

Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 286
Meg Jaeger Cub Girl Traditional 168

Jodi Buckingham Girl Junior Compound 304
Stacey Woodward Girl Junior Compound 300

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 698
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 684
Scott Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 580
Rob Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 370

Ken Thompson Mens Compound 644
Philip Porter Mens Compound 636
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 430

Ben Ireland Mens Open 818
David Buckingham Mens Open 804
John Clark Mens Open 804
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 772
Bryen Bates Mens Open 746

Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 480
Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 352

Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 414

Lisa Buckingham Womens Compound 310
Karen Hudson Womens Compound 216

Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 598
Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 528
Jay Buckingham 98

The next club shoot will be March 20th, the last chance to get a round in before the Nationals at easter.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Annual Bowhunter Point Scores

The hunting year started 1-10-04 and will finish 30th Sept 05, game claim forms can be gathered from Steve Jaeger. Club points plus the ABA score will be combined to give the hunter a total points for each kill.

Game Club Score
BILLY > 20" 20
BILLY < 20" 10

BOAR [non measurable] 10



FOX 20

CAT 20

HOG 100
HOG 50

Current hunter scores are as follows

Stu Dolbel 140
Steve Jaeger -
Phill Porter -
Ben Ireland -
Cassie Neuendorf -
Greg Donovan -
Lloyd Jauja -

Joshua Dolbel 65
Sam Bates -
Cameron Hill 15

It's good to see the juniors getting into it this year.

If you have claims to lodge please do so and we will try and keep this site up to date.

Happy Hunting

Sunday, February 13, 2005

3 Arrow Shoot On Outback Range

Sunday morning saw 37 archers hit the outback range to test their skills in a 3 arrow all count shoot. There was stiff competition in the womens ranks as the sighted shooters went down to the last target for the second shoot in a row with Jodi Dolbel just beating Cassie Neuendorf for the honours by five points. The open mens division was fought out well seeing John Clark just finishing over Ben Ireland and Steve Jaeger.
Micheal "new bow" Patrick narrowly edged out Darryl Hudson in the Mens traditional. No records were broken on the day but Josh Dolbel managed a personal best after making the jump to Juniors last year.

The next shoot is on February 27th, the same weekend as the first branch shoot of 2005 to be held at Boolaroo. This is the last shoot at the Boolaroo range before moving to their new location, if you have not shot this very challenging range before do not miss your last opportunity to do so.

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 865
Jake Hopkins Boy Junior Compound 560
Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 515
Damian Woodward Boy Junior Compound 415
Cameron Hill Boy Junior Compound 325
Sam Bates Boy Junior Open 995
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 875
Michael Romer Cub Boy Compound 895
Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 570
Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 535
Beau Gardner Cub Boy Open 410
Hayden Riordan Cub Boy Open 310
Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Traditional 375
Meg Jaeger Cub Girl Traditional 220
Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 200
Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 965
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 845
Rob Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 765
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 150
Philip Porter Mens Compound 750
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 720
Ken Hill Mens Compound 630
Rodger Ford Mens Compound 615
Max Romer Mens Compound 480
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 455
John Clark Mens Open 1110
Ben Ireland Mens Open 1100
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 1035
Bryen Bates Mens Open 1005
Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 470
Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 440
Karen Hudson Womens Compound 400
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 235
Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 745
Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 740
Norma Culley Womens Open 500
Annette Gardner Womens Open 350

Friday, February 04, 2005

3Arrow Round To Start 2005

A good field of 35 archers took to the boundry range to compete in the first club shoot for 2005. A 3arrow all count was shot with Ben Ireland putting in a very good performance after the Christmas / New Year break. Robert Porter also shot well in the Junior Boy division and Jodi Dolbel saw a big jump in performance after some minor equipment changes during the break. The next club shoot is Sunday the 13th of February. The first branch shoot will be at Boolaroo on the 26th and 27th of Feb.
Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 770
Ben Irwin Boy Junior Compound 440
Cameron Hill Boy Junior Compound 345
Ben Stubs Boy Junior Compound 335
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 890
Dean Thompson Boy Junior Open 855
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 800
Jamie Thompson Boy Junior Open 420
Christopher Patrick Boy Junior Traditional 220
Keegan Patrick Cub Boy Compound 400
Damian Woodward Cub Boy Compound 345
Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 560
Beau Gardner Cub Boy Open 320
Hayden Riordan Cub Boy Open 220
Shane Thompson Olympic 430
Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 325
Stacey Woodward Girl Junior Compound 420
Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 905
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 875
Scott Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 740
Philip Porter Mens Compound 835
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 805
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 540
Ken Hill Mens Compound 525
Karen Hudson Mens Compound 425
Peter Stubs Mens Compound 285
Ben Ireland Mens Open 1115
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 1000
Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 515
Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 445
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 400
Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 680
Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 660
Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 505
Annette Gardner Women Bowhunter Limited 320

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Norther NSW Branch ABA Shoot Calander

2005 SHOOT CALANDER Northern NSW Branch ABA version 1 Nov 2004

FEB 12th 10am Branch Meeting Warners Bay Tavern Newcastle
26th - 27th ABA Boolaroo Bowman Newcastle
MAR 25th - 28th ABA & 3D National Safarie Charliville Qld.
APR 23rd - 24th ABA Tuggerah Lakes YARRAMALONG
May 7th 10am Branch Meeting To be advised
14th-15th STATE IFAA Tumit SOUTH NSW
21st - 22nd BRANCH INDOOR Warners Bay NEWCASTLE
JUN 10th - 14TH NATIONAL IFAA Wide Bay Archers Hervey Bay Qld.
25th - 26th ABA Hunter Bowman MAITLAND
JUL 23rd - 24th BRANCH ABA Namoi Valley GUNNEDAH
AUG 6th 10am Branch AGM To be advised
27th - 28th BRANCH 3D Central Coast Moonterra WYONG
SEP 10th-11th Coaching Clinic Warners Bay Newcastle
OCT 1st - 2nd STATE ABA Avon Valley F/A GLOUCESTER
NOV 5th - 6th BRANCH IFAA Namoi Valley GUNNEDAH
19th 10am Branch meeting To be advised
DEC 3rd - 4th ABA host club required

All NNSW Branch run shoots: Enteries and registeration close 8.30 am Saturday, Muster
3 arrow round commences 9.50am approx.
1 arrow round comences straight after lunch.
Sunday round commences 8.30am.
Presentations after lunch Sunday. Both days scores count for final result.
All branch shoot fees, Senior $20, Junior $15, Family $45
Shoot calendar subject to change when necessary.