Wednesday, February 21, 2007

3 Arrow Tests Revamped Boundry Range

Namoi Valley Archers conducted a three arrow animal round on Sunday with a good field on hand to compete in very warm conditions. Range captain, Stuart Dolbel, had plenty of surprises for competitors as they shot the redesigned Boundary range for the first time. Target 18 was the talking point among competitors after several archers came to grief on this extremely intimidating and difficult shot. Wade Hudson finished on top in Mens Compound after compiling an impressive round but Ken Thompson continues to hound Hudson and this intriguing contest will be one to watch during the year. Phillip Porter shot consistently to grab third spot from Ken Hill. Darrell Hudson proved far too good in the Traditional division with Michael Patrick shooting well to take second place with Peter Stubbs in third. Josh Dolbel was in devastating form in the Junior Open contest scoring a big win with Cameron Hill in second and Jamie Thompson third. The Cub Boy Open division provided some very close competiton with Shane Thompson shooting brilliantly to score a good win from Sebastian Donovan with Matthew Jauja also shooting well to take third.
The club will be holding a working bee on March 3rd commencing at 9’30 am to prepare for the upcoming two day tournament. The next club shoot will be a two round ABA event to be held on March 4th.

Mens Compound – Wade Hudson 935, Ken Thompson 905, Phillip Porter 865, Ken Hill 710, Jack Carlin 585, Ben Stubbs 530.
Womens Compound – Karen Hudson 385, Shelley Abra 375.
Mens Open – John Clark 1125, Stuart Dolbel 1100, Steve Jaeger 1085, Matt Sinclair 800, Simon Marquett 710, Lloyd Jauja 320.
Womens Open – Jodi Dolbel 995, Janice Jaeger 335.
Bowhunter Limited – Greg Donovan 880, Neal Morris 570.
Traditional – Darrell Hudson 665, Michael Patrick 470, Peter Stubbs 420.
Junior Open – Josh Dolbel 1095, Cameron Hill 610, Jamie Thompson 200.
Junior Boy Compound – Matt Kersley 320, Keegan Patrick 145.
Junior Girl Compound – Amy Stubbs 355.
Cub Boy Open – Shane Thompson 1015, Sebastian Donovan 825, Matthew Jauja 810, Jackson Howes 720.
Cub Girl Open – Meg Jaeger 590, Sophie Donovan 385.
Cub Boy Compound – Jarrod Stubbs 755, Brody Waterford 470.
Cub Girl Compound – Jackelyn Patrick 55.
Cub Girl Traditional – Katie Patrick 120, Sammy Patrick 85, Imogen Carlin 80, Emily Jaeger 35.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Year / New Range

Namoi Valley Archers kicked off the 2007 season with a big field in attendance for a three arrow animal round on the completely redesigned Outback range. New range captain, Stuart Dolbel, presented archers with a challenging course that makes outstanding use of the elevated terrain with the assembled archers praising the new layout. The hot weather added to the challenge but the earlier start time meant the round was finished before the worst of the conditions. Ben Ireland showed he is ready for a big year taking out the Open division after returning a high class round. Steve Jaeger who has moved into the Freestyle Unlimited ranks showed great form with his new bow pushing Ireland all the way to take second and based on this display he will be a major force in 2007. John Clark just edged out Stuart Dolbel in a tight battle for third place. Wade Hudson scored a very narrow ten point win in Mens Compound after a tense contest with Ken Thompson with Ben Stubbs in third place. The Traditional contest was a lively affair with Darrell Hudson coming out on top from the improving Peter Stubbs with Michael Patrick in third place. Jodi Dolbel was in sensational form in Womens Open scoring a good win from Cassie Ireland in second and Janice Jaeger in third. The Cub Boy Compound division was won by Jarrod Stubbs who returned an excellent round with the improving Brody Waterford in second and Christopher Patrick third. The next club shoot will be held on February 18th with all archers reminded that muster is at 8.45am sharp.

Mens Open - Ben Ireland 1145, Steve Jaeger 1130, John Clark 1110, Stuart Dolbel 1105, Simon Marquett 575, Lloyd Jauja 285.

Womens Open – Jodi Dolbel 1070, Cassie Ireland 690, Janice Jaeger 355.

Mens Compound – Wade Hudson 915, Ken Thompson 905, Ben Stubbs 570, Steve Woodward 495, Steve Taylor 230.

Womens Compound – Karen Hudson 580.

Bowhunter Limited – Greg Donovan 970, Neil Morris 600.

Traditional – Darrell Hudson 580, Peter Stubbs 465, Michael Patrick 425.

Junior Open – Josh Dolbel 995, Matthew Whitman 365.

Junior Boy Compound – Keegan Patrick 670.

Junior Girl Compound – Amy Stubbs 495.

Cub Boy Compound – Jarrod Stubbs 775, Brody Waterford 575, Christopher Patrick 480.

Cub Girl compound – Jackelyn Patrick 190.

Cub Boy Open – Sebastian Donovan 910.

Cub Girl Open – Meg Jaeger 610, Sophie Donovan 380.

Cub Boy Traditional – Kurt Riordan 255, Hayden Riordan 190.

Cub Girl Traditional – Katie Patrick 280, Sammy Patrick 80.

Little Archers – Krystal Juaja 275, Katie Taylor 220, Emily Jaeger 185.