Friday, August 17, 2007

NVA Invitational

Namoi Valley Archers hosted a highly successful Northern NSW Branch ABA Invitation tournament over the weekend with archers from Newcastle, Maitland, the Central Coast, Taree, Gloucester, and all over the North-West and New England competing. The two day tournament was held under clear blue skies with Branch officials and competitors enthusiastic in their praise of the club facilities and ranges. Range captain Stuart Dolbel delivered two high quality ranges for the weekend which offered a real challenge to all archers competing.
The tournament was conducted over three rounds with the Saturday program featuring a three arrow round in the morning and the high pressure one arrow round in the afternoon. The event concluded on Sunday with a two arrow round. Each round featured twenty hand-drawn animal targets set at unknown distances ranging from 7 metres to 48 metres in natural bush settings.

The battle for the Mens Freestyle Unlimited crown was an absolute nail-biter with the top three competitors separated by just 6 points. Ben Ireland won the event after turning a 6 point overnight deficit into a narrow 4 point winning margin compiling a brilliant round on Sunday morning to edge past overnight leader, Steve Jaeger. Jaeger held on to second place by just 2 points from Newcastle archer, Adam Tilbrook in one of the closest contests seen at the club in many years. Namoi Valley Archer’s reputation as the best in the Branch was underlined as the club swept to victory in all the sighted divisions with Jodi Dolbel (Womens Freestyle Unlimited), Stuart Dolbel (Mens Bowhunter Unlimited), Greg Donovan (Mens Bowhunter Limited), Cassie Ireland (Womens Bowhunter Unlimited), Diana Finlay (Womens Bowhunter Limited) and Ken Thompson (Recurve Freestyle Limited) all won their respective divisions.

The local club also showed the way in the barebow divisions with Wade Hudson having a massive weekend scoring a stunning win in Mens Masters Compound. At just 17 years of age Hudson received the news before the start of competition that he had been promoted to the elite Masters division following his outstanding form at the 2007 Australian Titles where he won both the ABA and 3D A grade crowns. The weekend just got bigger for Hudson with the Branch officials confirming he will be awarded Grand Master Bowmen status after he shot over 700 points on the first day of his last three consecutive tournaments. The title of Grand Master is extremely difficult to achieve but the talented Hudson has achieved it in just his first year as a senior archer. Phillip Porter added to the local charge winning Mens Compound A grade, Darrell Hudson won a very keenly contested Mens Recurve battle with arch rival Bruce Sherwood from Tamworth and Karen Hudson won Womens Compound C grade with an impressive performance.

The club’s talented group of junior archers were also prominent with Matthew Jauja winning a tense Cub Freestyle contest with teammate Sebastian Donovan while Josh Dolbel was too good for the members of the Hunter Academy of Sport in Junior Freestyle Unlimited. Amy Stubbs won the Junior Girls C grade Compound event and Mitchell Finlay was extremely impressive as he stormed to victory in Cub Compound A grade in his very first tournament.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

3 Arrow All Count

A cold windy day didn't stop a good turn out at the Wondobah Range for a quick 3 Arrow all count round this Sunday. Thirty Eight shooters took to the Outback range to check out some of the recent changes made in preparation for the two day invitational shoot being held next weekend. Good feed back on the range included comments like "tell me just how far target 13 reallt is" and "surely we aren't expected to shoot between those trees".

There is also some "nice" changes to the Boundry range but they will remain a surprise until the two day shoot.

The biggest competition for the day was the battle for Mens compount with Wade and Phillip both finishing on the same score after 60 arrows.

Keegan Patrick 545 Boy Junior Compound
Jarrod Stubbs 485 Boy Junior Compound
James Boxsell 450 Boy Junior Compound

Josh Dolbel 1070 Boy Junior Open
Shane Thompson 705 Boy Junior Open

Mitchell Finlay 635 Cub Boy Compound
Christopher Patrick 515 Cub Boy Compound
Brendan Howes 455 Cub Boy Compound
Hayden Riordan 280 Cub Boy Compound

Sebastian Donovan 1120 Cub Boy Open
Cameron Boxsell 860 Cub Boy Open
Mathew Jauja 850 Cub Boy Open

Curtis Riordan 320 Cub Boy Traditional

Jackelyn Patrick 140 Cub Girl Compound

Jessica Sinclair 485 Cub Girl Open
Sophie Donovan 355 Cub Girl Open

Sammy Patrick 190 Cub Girl Traditional
Emily Jaeger 160 Cub Girl Traditional
Katie Taylor 115 Cub Girl Traditional
Cassie Taylor 75 Cub Girl Traditional

Amy Stubbs 585 Girl Junior Compound

Greg Donovan 1025 Mens Bowhunter Limited

Philip Porter 870 Mens Compound
Wade Hudson 870 Mens Compound
Steve Taylor 275 Mens Compound

Ken Thompson 625 Mens Olympic

Steve Jaeger 1165 Mens Open
John Clark 1140 Mens Open
Ben Ireland 1120 Mens Open
Stuart Dolbel 1025 Mens Open
Matt Sinclair 970 Mens Open
Lloyd Jauja 915 Mens Open

Darrell Hudson 655 Mens Traditional
Michael Patrick 560 Mens Traditional
Peter Stubbs 485 Mens Traditional

Karen Hudson 605 Womens Compound
Ann Stubbs 350 Womens Compound

Cassie Ireland 740 Womens Open