Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AGM & Awards Night 2011

Namoi Valley Archers wrapped up a hugely successful 2011 season with the presentation of club medallions for the respective division winners. During the year club members have competed in World, Pacific Region, Australian, State and regional tournaments with great success reinforcing the club’s reputation as one of the powerhouses in Australian field archery. The club hosted the 2011 NSW 3D championships in August receiving high praise from both competitors and State officials for the quality of the ranges used and the smooth running of the tournament. The club heads into 2012 with an unchanged executive of Peter Stubbs - President, Stuart Dolbel – Treasurer and John Clark – Secretary, at the helm and the new year is shaping up as another busy season of field archery in Gunnedah.
The prestigious 2011 Club person of the Year was awarded to Peter Stubbs. This award was a well deserved recognition of the hard work and dedication Peter put in over the entire year in leading the club both on and off the range. The 2011 season was marked by some very close competition with many divisions decided by just a few points. Greg Donovan was the winner of the Mens Open division for 2011 finishing as the overall highest point scorer in the club just edging out Stuart Dolbel after an absorbing year long contest with Gordon White grabbing third place. Wade Hudson capped off a stellar season by finishing as the top Mens Compound archer despite a limited club schedule due to university commitments. Jarrod Stubbs filled second place with veteran, Neville White in third. A delighted Wendi Murrell captured top spot in Womens Compound for the first time by the smallest of margins with Karen Hudson in second and Ann Stubbs in third. Darrell Hudson stamped his class on the Traditional contest finishing the year as number one with Peter Stubbs taking second and Phil Greenwood third. In the Olympic division there was a new number one with Mark Stevenson coming out on top with Ken Thompson in second and Steve Jaeger finishing third. In the Junior ranks the Boys Open contest top spot went to Sebastian Donovan with Zac Hayne in second and Lachlan Boyd in third. The Cub Girls Compound was a family affair with the Murrell sisters filling the top three places. Haylee finished the year as number one with Kaytlyn second and Emylie in third.
The most improved trophy was awarded to Mark Stevenson with Bernie Hayne a popular winner of the Party Animal of the Year trophy for the second successive year. Matt Sinclair was awarded Bowhunter of the Year receiving a hand crafted hunting knife for his efforts. Club stalwart, John Clark, was honoured with life membership of Namoi Valley Archers in recognition of his contribution to the club over many years. Since joining the club in 1989, Clark has held virtually every position in the club at one time or another and is the longest serving continuous member of the club.

Cub Girl Traditional -1st Place Sammy Patrick 3134

Cub Girl Compound -1st Place Haylee Murrell 14312,
2nd Place Kaytlyn Murrell 7730,
3rd Place Emylie Murrell 5153

Cub Girl Open - 1st Place Sophie Donovan 10806,
2nd Place Stacey Scott 7205

Cub Boy Open - 1st Place William Loftus 3894,
2nd Place Callum Urquhart 2925

Junior Boy Compound - 1st Place Christopher Patrick 1712

Junior Girl Open -1st Place Meg Jaeger 3185

Junior Boy Open - 1st Place Sebastian Donovan 17641,
2nd Place Zac Hayne 14544,
3rd Place Lachlan Boyd 7621

Womens Traditional - 1st Place Sharon Boyd 3556

Womens Compound - 1st Place Wendi Murrell 15091,
2nd Place Karen Hudson 15055,
3rd Place Ann Stubbs 12261

Womens Open - 1st Place Denise Stevenson 12187,
2nd Place Jodi Dolbel 2935

Mens Compound - 1st Place Wade Hudson 7158,
2nd Place Jarrod Stubbs 6934,
3rd Place Neville White 6264

Mens Traditional - 1st Place Darrell Hudson 15117,
2nd Place Peter Stubbs 10063,
3rd Place Phillip Greenwood 6024

Olympic - 1st Place Mark Stevenson 8454,
2nd Place Ken Thompson 4426,
3rd Place Steve Jaeger 4211

Mens Open - 1st Place Greg Donovan 18450,
2nd Place Stu Dolbel 18389,
3rd Place Gordon White 16757

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Namoi Valley Archers have dominated the Australia wide 2011 Eco Shoot with 16 first, 7 second and 4 third placings.

The Eco Shoot was introduced this year to enable competition between clubs from all over Australia without the need for travel.

To be eligible for the event archers were required to shoot 2 rounds consisting of 40 arrows each round at their home club in August.

Namoi Valley Archers club members embraced the concept with the club entering on mass having the largest participation in the 200 strong entry list.

Among the highlights was the performance of Greg Scott and Nathan Murrell who scored a 1-2 finish in the Bowhunter Unlimited Flight 2 division with Wendi Murrell and Ann Stubbs also finishing 1-2 in the Womens A grade compound event.

The club’s Recurve archers also got in on the act with Darrell Hudson first and Peter Stubbs third in the A grade contest.

Gordon White was thrilled with his second placing in the Freestyle Unlimited Flight 2 division.

Among the juniors, Lachlan Scott, was a standout winning the Bowhunter Unlimited event returning the overall highest score by a junior archer.

Sebastian Donovan also finished number one in the Freestyle Unlimited contest

The last club shoot for 2011 was held on Sunday and keeping with tradition the day provided something different. A team event was debuted and judging by the positive reaction of competitors will be on offer again in 2012. Score Recorder, Stuart Dolbel, worked overtime to give each archer a handicap and this was added to the score shot on Sunday.

After the smoke had cleared from the calculators a final team score was posted and the winners declared among the ten teams competing.

Girl Power won the day with the team of Ann Stubbs, Sharon Boyd and Emylie Murrell victorious.

Second place went to Peter Stubbs, Peter Bush, John Woolaston and Lachlan Boyd with the team of John Clark, Denise Stevenson and Haylee Murrell taking third.

The club will be back in action in 2012 with the shoot calendar now being finalized.

Anyone seeking a copy can contact Club President, Peter Stubbs on 67431559