Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Namoi Valley Archers have dominated the Australia wide 2011 Eco Shoot with 16 first, 7 second and 4 third placings.

The Eco Shoot was introduced this year to enable competition between clubs from all over Australia without the need for travel.

To be eligible for the event archers were required to shoot 2 rounds consisting of 40 arrows each round at their home club in August.

Namoi Valley Archers club members embraced the concept with the club entering on mass having the largest participation in the 200 strong entry list.

Among the highlights was the performance of Greg Scott and Nathan Murrell who scored a 1-2 finish in the Bowhunter Unlimited Flight 2 division with Wendi Murrell and Ann Stubbs also finishing 1-2 in the Womens A grade compound event.

The club’s Recurve archers also got in on the act with Darrell Hudson first and Peter Stubbs third in the A grade contest.

Gordon White was thrilled with his second placing in the Freestyle Unlimited Flight 2 division.

Among the juniors, Lachlan Scott, was a standout winning the Bowhunter Unlimited event returning the overall highest score by a junior archer.

Sebastian Donovan also finished number one in the Freestyle Unlimited contest

The last club shoot for 2011 was held on Sunday and keeping with tradition the day provided something different. A team event was debuted and judging by the positive reaction of competitors will be on offer again in 2012. Score Recorder, Stuart Dolbel, worked overtime to give each archer a handicap and this was added to the score shot on Sunday.

After the smoke had cleared from the calculators a final team score was posted and the winners declared among the ten teams competing.

Girl Power won the day with the team of Ann Stubbs, Sharon Boyd and Emylie Murrell victorious.

Second place went to Peter Stubbs, Peter Bush, John Woolaston and Lachlan Boyd with the team of John Clark, Denise Stevenson and Haylee Murrell taking third.

The club will be back in action in 2012 with the shoot calendar now being finalized.

Anyone seeking a copy can contact Club President, Peter Stubbs on 67431559