Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boundary Range Harder To Handle Than A Dead Possum In A Water Tank......well nearly.

Namoi Valley Archers held a 3 arrow club event on Sunday with a good field taking on the Boundary range in hot and windy conditions.

Stuart Dolbel was in scintillating form scorching round the course to record an impressive victory in the Sighted division. Greg Scott and john Clark had a close battle for the minor placings with Scott doing just enough to grab second place by the narrowest of margins.

Karen Hudson proved too strong in the Compound contest recording a dominant victory with Ann Stubbs in second and Ken Hill taking third.

The Traditional division was a very close affair with Peter Stubbs shooting consistently to take top spot by just 10 points from Darrell Hudson with John Woolaston in third. This was the first time John Woolaston has shot in several years and he was not far off the pace in his comeback shoot suggesting he will be competing for top honours in the very near future.

Ethan Mansfield confirmed his growing reputation with an impressive performance in winning the Junior Sighted division with Sebastian Donovan in second and Zac Hayne in third.

The final club shoot for the year will be held on December 11.

The AGM and presentation night is set down for December 10. Club members seeking further information can ring Peter Stubbs on 67431559.


Compound – Karen Hudson 735, Ann Stubbs 660, Ken Hill 580, Wendi Murrell 485, Sharon Boyd 155.

Sighted – Stuart Dolbel 1135, Greg Scott 1105, John Clark 1100, Gordon White 1030, Matt Sinclair 1025, Nathan Murrell 1025, Greg Donovan 1020, Bernie Hayne 1000, Lloyd Jauja 945, Denise Stevenson 745, Mark Stevenson 715, Mel Sinclair 675, Matt Wittman 610, Matt Kersley 300.

Traditional – Peter Stubbs 685, Darrell Hudson 675, John Woolaston 620.

Junior Sighted – Ethan Mansfield 1000, Sebastian Donovan 945, Zac Hayne 925, Lachlan Boyd 435.

Cub Compound – Haylee Murrell 800, Kaytlyn Murrell 470, Emylie Murrell 155.

Cub Sighted – Stacey Scott 730, Sophie Donovan 560.