Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Branch ABA Titles

Namoi Valley Archers hosted the branch ABA titles last weekend. Over ninety competitors hit the ranges to fight out the 2005 branch E titles.
Here are the scores.

Adult Male Barebow A Grade
Phillip Porter 1342
Robin Huckett 1332
Ron Scott 1268
Ken Thompson 1258
Graham Mitchell 1224
Neville White 1196
Nicholas Clark 1084
Colin Hall 1066
Peter Fryder 1018
Ben Johnson 812

Adult Male Barebow B Grade
Keith Lucas 1196
Bob Reynolds 1124
Peter Watt 1098
Ken Hill 994
Peter Almond 928

Adult Male Barebow C Grade
Ken Smith 1020
Ron McDermott 998
Mat Nolan 972
Bob Francis 860
Stephen Woodward 694

Adult Male Barebow D Grade
John Styles 902
David Morrissey 660

Adult Male Barebow Recurve A Grade
Darrell Hudson 962

Adult Male Barebow Recurve D Grade
Michael Patrick 874

Adult Male Bowhunter Limited Flyte 1
Ian Dewley 1358
Matt Krug 1152
Greg Donovan 1062

Adult Male Bowhunter Limited Flyte 2
Stuart Dolbel 1464
Rob Porter 1422
Malcolm Hardy 1314
Max Hardy 1174

Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited Flyte 1
Kieth Derrick 1538
Tony Hartcher 1536
Ralph Bowden 1522
Jeff Jennings 1460
Peter Fairhall 1378
Des Richer 1278
Jason Smith 1182
Graeme Harris 1130
Danial Dein 922

Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited Flyte 2
Bruce Crumpton 1514
Mason Crumpton 1464

Adult Male Freestyle Limited Flyte 1
Dave Buckingham 1460
Rob Taylor 1086

Adult Male Freestyle Limited Recurve Flyte 2
Sam Bates 1412
Charlie Howard 1370

Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited Flyte 1
Ben Ireland 1578
Adam Tilbrook 1492

Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited Flyte 2
Ed Clebsch 1536
Ces Apps 1510
Glenn Freeman 1402
Bob Rayward 1238

Adult Woman Barebow A Grade
Karen Hudson 676
Louise Sanden 410

Adult Woman Barebow D Grade
Narelle Bailey 436

Adult Woman Barebow Recurve A Grade
Gail Taylor 478

Adult Woman Bowhunter Limited Flyte 1
Lisa Buckingham 1208
Kay Humphries 998
Rebecca Hardy 664

Adult Woman Bowhunter Limited Flyte 2
Reyna Derrick 1354
Cassie Neuendorf 1166

Adult Woman Freestyle Limited Flyte 1
Irene Hardy 386

Adult Woman Freestyle Limited Flyte 2
Judy Stephenson 1080
Linda Wagner 1364
Lynne Fairhall 1362

Cub Boy Barebow A Grade
Brandon Stephenson 1182
Shaun Boyd-McCaw 1038
Peter Phanoras 776

Cub Boy Barebow C Grade
Christopher Patrick 550
Jarrod Morrissey 842

Cub Boy Bowhunter Limited Flyte 1
Sebastian Donovan 1230
Mathew Jauja 956

Cub Boy Freestyle Limited Recurve A Grade
Shane Thompson 996

Cub Girl Barebow D Grade
Jodie Styles 1046
Samantha Almond 492
Georgia Buckingham 364
Ella Hartcher 716

Cub Girl Barbow Recurve D Grade
Jackelyn Patrick 390

Junior Boy Barebow A Grade
Wade Hudson 1426
Keegan Patrick 754

Junior Boy Barebow C Grade
Mitch Nolan 936

Junior Boy Barebow Recurve A Grade
Tom Hunt 328

Junior Boy Bowhunter Limited Flyte 1
Mathew Allwood 1274
Logan Bailey 1106
Chris Neal 1052
Cameron Hill 976
Murray Hatch 916
Scott Grace 742

Junior Boy Bowhunter Unlimited Flyte 2
Alex Crumpton 1490

Junior Boy Freestyle Limited Flyte 1
Darcy Plunkett 1308

Junior Boy Freestyle Unlimited F1
Joshua Dolbel 1510
Robbie Porter 1272

Junior Girl Barebow D Grade
Jodi Buckingham 410
Junior Girl

Barebow Recurve A Grade
Desany Phanoras 498

Sunday, July 03, 2005

ABA Round

Thirty four archers enjoyed ideal winter conditions on the Wondobah Range this Sunday. With the branch ABA titles coming up on the 23rd and 24th of this month everyone got in some much needed practice after a disappointing start to the day.
Thieves had stolen steel seats that had been cemented into the ground along with two drop down steel serving counters in the canteen. Everyone was bitterly disappointed as the club has been busy preparing for the major shoot at the end of the month and this senseless act will just make things more difficult. The grounds have been slowly built up over the years through the hard work of the members and when things like this happen it just boils the blood and makes you wonder why you bother.
After the groups where called everyone headed out and had a great time, as the scores would suggest.

Please also remember there is a working bee at 10am next Saturday for those who can make it.

Vera Banks Womens Traditional 128

Cassie Neuendorf Womens Open 538

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 416

Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 440

Sam Bates Olympic Junior Boy 656

Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 414
Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 414
Peter Stubs Mens Traditional 282
Rob Banks Mens Traditional 114

Ben Ireland Mens Open 784
John Clark Mens Open 776
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 776
Shane Donovan Mens Open 512

Philip Porter Mens Compound 654
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 644
Collin Hall Mens Compound 534
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 308

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 748
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 594
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 586

Stacey Woodward Girl Junior Compound 268

Krystal Jauja Cub Girl Traditional 182
Janice Banks Cub Girl Traditional 140
Jackelyn Patrick Cub Girl Traditional 120

Ben Stubs 552

Dan Morris Cub Boy Traditional 370

Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 610
Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 500

Christopher Patrick Cub Boy Compound 298

Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 738
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 574

Cameron Hill Boy Junior Open 222

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 672
Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 340