Thursday, December 16, 2004

2005 Shoot Calender

Namoi Valley Archers 2005

30th January – Club Shoot 9.00am

13th February – Club Shoot 9.00am
27th February – Club Shoot 9.00am
26th & 27th February – Boolaroo Archers (Newcastle) ABA Invitation

6th March – Club Shoot 9.00am
20th March – Club Shoot 9.00am
25th/26th/27th/28th March – Charleville Field Archers (Charleville) National ABA & 3D Titles

3rd April – Club Shoot 9.30am
17th April – Club Shoot 9.30am
23rd & 24th April – Tuggerah Lakes Field Archers (Yarramalong Valley) ABA Invitation

1st May – Club Shoot 9.30am
15th May – Club Shoot 9.30am
14th & 15th May – Southwest Slopes Field Archers (Tumut) NSW State IFAA Titles
21st & 22nd May – Hunter Archery Centre (Newcastle) Branch Indoor Titles
29th May – Club Shoot 9.30am

5th June – Club Shoot 9.30am
10th/11th/12th/13th/14th June – Wide Bay Archers (Hervey Bay) National IFAA Titles
19th June – Club Shoot 9.30am

3rd July – Club Shoot 9.30am
17th July – Club Shoot 9.30am
23rd & 24th July – Namoi Valley Archers (Gunnedah) Branch ABA Titles

7th August – Club Shoot 9.30am
21st August – Club Shoot 9.30am
27th & 28th August – Moonterra Archers (Wyong) Branch 3D Titles

4th September – Club Shoot 9.30am
18th September – Club Shoot 9.30am
25th September – Club Shoot 9.30am

1st &2nd October – Avon Valley Archers (Gloucester) NSW State ABA Titles
9th October – Club Shoot 9.30am
23rd October – Club Shoot 9.30am

5th & 6th October – Namoi Valley Archers (Gunnedah) Branch IFAA Titles
20th November – Club Shoot 9.00am

4th December – Club Shoot 9.00am
*Please be at the range to register for shoot 30 minutes before advertised start time

2004 Roundup

Namoi Valley Archers wrapped up a highly successful 2004 season with a combined AGM and Presentation night. The club had a record breaking season in terms of shooter numbers at club events, participation rates at two day tournaments and medals won at National and State level. Steve Jaeger, Robbie Porter and Georgia Buckingham finished with the coveted gold medals at the National ABA Titles with Jaeger becoming the first archer from the local club to record back to back National titles.
In another first the club now has two coaches fully accredited with the Australian Sports Commission and the benefits of this program are being shown by the club’s outstanding group of junior archers with Sam Bates and Stacey Woodward receiving scholarships from the NSW State Government’s Junior Country Athlete Scheme with Bates also being accepted into the NIAS Lonestar Program for 2005.
The local club conducted two major tournaments in 2004 with the Northern NSW Branch ABA Titles in July and the NSW State IFAA Titles in November with both events receiving high praise from both competitors and officials for the quality of the facilities and the level of administration provided by club members. Northern NSW Branch Controller Jeff Jennings rated the Gunnedah club the equal of any in the State and the club has been given the honour of hosting the Branch Championships in both the ABA and IFAA disciplines in 2005.
The prestigious 2004 Club Person of the Year trophy was awarded to Garry Porter for his magnificent efforts behind the scenes for the club. Garry can usually be found at club shoots taking registrations and organizing shoot groups then jumping behind his beloved barbecue to cook lunch if required. Garry was the principal figure in the catering for the two tournaments the club ran in 2004 and in his spare time was the driving force behind the construction of the new shower block. In his role of club coach Garry is always available to lend a hand if needed and every Thursday night he is on hand to instruct those interested in archery at the Gunnedah PCYC Indoor Archery program.
The club caters for all shooting styles from the traditional longbows right through to the freestyle unlimited shooters with a strong family presence and a friendly social atmosphere features of the club. The club has permanent ranges in all three field archery disciplines, ABA unmarked, IFAA marked and 3D and offers a wide variety of club shoots throughout the year.
Competition in many of the divisions was extremely close with the Mens Open contest going right down to the wire and after twenty two rounds Ben Ireland finished on top by just 10 points from John Clark with Steve Jaeger third. The Junior Boy Compound division provided some of the toughest competition all year with Cade Rowland coming out on top from Wade Hudson and Jake Hopkins. Wade Hudson won the Handicap Shield and the accolade as the club’s most improved archer for 2004.
Phillip Porter showed his prowess in the field winning the Bowhunter of the Year award while Josh Dolbel was the Junior Bowhunter of the Year.

Bowhunter Limited – Stuart Dolbel 1, Daren Boorer 2. Gerry Culley 3.
Mens Compound – Phillip Porter 1, Ken Thompson 2, Steve Woodward 3.
Womens Compound – Helen Woodward 1, Lisa Buckingham 2.
Mens Open – Ben Ireland 1, John Clark 2, Steve Jaeger 3.
Womens Open – Cassie Neuendorf 1, Norma Culley 2, Annette Gardner 3.
Traditional – Darrell Hudson 1, Michael Patrick 2.
Junior Boy Compound – Cade Rowland 1, Wade Hudson 2, Jake Hopkins 3.
Junior Girl Compound – Stacey Woodward 1, Jodi Buckingham 2.
Junior Open – Sam bates 1, Josh Dolbel 2, Robbie Porter 3.
Cub Open – Matthew Jauja 1, Sebastian Donovan 2, Beau Gardner 3.
Cub Boy Compound – Michael Romer 1, Joel Boorer 2, Damian Woodward 3.
Cub Girl Compound – Georgia Buckingham 1.
Cub Traditional – Shane Thompson 1, Matt Bates 2, Christopher Patrick 3.
Little Archers – Meg Jaeger.
Encouragement Awards – Dean Thompson, Jordan Carter, Keegan Patrick, Cameron Hill, Jamie Thomspon.

John Clarke (The Overlord)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Aussie Field Round Finishes 2004 Year

Thirty six archers took to the "Outback" range at the Wondobah Rd Archery Field to to compete in the last club shoot for 2004. Although a few ailments persisted in both body and equipment some good scores were posted. The Aussie Field round makes use of a simple black centre (5 points), a white inner ring (4 points) and then another black outer ring (3 points) target. With only 15 points possible on each target a miss or a low score can generate some close competition.

Even with the hot conditions and after effects of the annual awards and AGM night all archers had a good day. Although Steve Jaegers temporary stint in barebow compound may have exacibated his already throbbing head. More to come and plenty of blackmail pics of the awards night soon.

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 235
Ben Irwin Boy Junior Compound 210
Jordan Carter Boy Junior Compound 137
Shaun Andrews Boy Junior Compound 121
Cameron Hill Boy Junior Compound 85

Sam Bates Boy Junior Open 288
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 231
Jamie Thompson Boy Junior Open 149

Ben Stubs Boy Junior Traditional 75

Michael Romer Cub Boy Compound 252
Damian Woodward Cub Boy Compound 83

Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 173

Shane Thompson Cub Boy Traditional 146
Matt Bates Cub Boy Traditional 110

Emelia Dolbel Cub Girl Compound 72

Stacey Woodward Girl Junior Compound 148

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 263
Rob Porter Mens Bowhunter Limited 241
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 219
Norma Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 135

Ken Thompson Mens Compound 238
Philip Porter Mens Compound 220
Ken Hill Mens Compound 161
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 159
Max Romer Mens Compound 149
Steve Jaeger Mens Compound 98

John Clark Mens Open 286
Bryen Bates Mens Open 286
Ben Ireland Mens Open 282
David Buckingham Mens Open 255

Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 201
Peter Stubs Mens Traditional 80

Cassie Neuendorf Women Bowhunter Limited 151
Lisa Buckingham Women Bowhunter Limited 90

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 138
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 54

Sunday, November 21, 2004

3 Arrow Round

On the 21st Namoi Valley Archers took to the range to complete a simple three arrow club event after the recent run of IFFA rounds leading up to and including the state titles on the 6th and 7th of November. A small field enjoyed an almost perfect day as high level cloud kept the temperatures down for the entire shoot.
The round consisted of 20 ABA animal target and was scored with each of three arrows being counted. A kill equaled 20 points, wound 15 points and a hit equaling only 10 points, the maximum score for the round being 1200 points after all sixty arrows were shot.
Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 820
Cade Rowland Boy Junior Compound 645
Shaun Andrews Boy Junior Compound 460
Jordan Carter Boy Junior Compound 375
Sam Bates Boy Junior Open 1070
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 875
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 635
Jamie Thompson Boy Junior Open 595
Damian Woodward Cub Boy Compound 390
Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 665
Shane Thompson Cub Boy Open 600
Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 465
Stacey Woodward Girl Junior Compound 520
Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 1005
Matt Krug Mens Bowhunter Limited 765
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 725
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 790
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 455
John Clark Mens Open 1115
Bryen Bates Mens Open 1050
David Buckingham Mens Open 990
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 910
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 340
Karen Hudson Womens Compound 315

Next shoot will be on Sunday the 28th of November, the last before the Christmas holidays. Remember to contact a club official to confirm your attendance at the AGM the day before, the 27th.

Friday, November 19, 2004

IFFA State Titles

Namoi Valley Archers were a dominant force in the recent state titles shot on the clubs rarley used IFFA ranges. The IFAA style of archery is very different from the more common ABA type rounds shot at the club. IFFA, in some instances could be percieved as being easier as the distance to the target is given at each target, unlike ABA were this esential hunting skill is honed by the need to accurately guess the distance to each target, but in saying this you must admit that 28 targets, four arrows at each target, and distances out to 80 yards can also be testing even for the most experienced archer.
IFFA is a true test of form and consistancy and can generate some very close competition as only one point splits the difference between bullseye, second ring and then to the outer score zone, 5,4,3 respectively.
Although a small field hit the range for the two day shoot some of the best archers in NSW were there to stake their claim and get in some much needed IFFA practice before the world titles in 2006 being held in Qld.

Cub Girl Bowhunter C
Jodi Stiles 368 361 729

Cub Boy Bowhunter A
Michael Romer NVA 429 457 886
Ben Mortimer 425 447 872

Cub Boy Bowhunter Limited B
Joel Boorer NVA 385 434 819

Cub Boy Bowhunter Limited C
Shane Thompson NVA 201 248 449

Junior Girl Bowhunter C
Stacey Woodward NVA 153 175 328

Junior Girl Freestyle Unlimited C
Erin Finch 367 367 734

Junior Boy Bowhunter B
Dean Thompson NVA 323 318 641
Wade Hudson NVA 298 341 639
Cade Rowland NVA 308 296 604

Junior Boy Bowhunter Limited C
Jamie Thompson NVA 260 226 486

Junior Boy Bowhunter Unlimited B
Josh Dolbel NVA 309 339 648

Junior Boy Bowhunter Unlimited C
Robert Porter NVA 349 344 693

Junior Boy Freestyle Unlimited A
Sam Bates NVA 507 516 1023

Junior Boy Freestyle Unlimited C
Orry-Beau Fairhall 435 454 889

Adult Women Barebow C
Lisa Buckingham NVA 226 260 486

Adult Women Bowhunter Limited B
Reyna Derrick 418 395 813
Vera Coote 383 362 745
Irene Jennings 315 274 589

Adult Women Bowhunter Limited C
Cassie Neuendorf NVA 292 337 629

Adult Women Freestyle Unlimited B
Lynne Fairhall 435 393 828

Adult Male Bowhunter A
Ken Thompson NVA 372 348 720

Adult Male Bowhunter B
Paul Courtney 275 256 531

Adult Male Bowhunter C
Les Maher 282 267 549
Stephen Woodward NVA 243 229 472
Ken Hill NVA 237 219 456
John Stiles 226 215 441

Adult Male Bowhunter Recurve B
Darrell Hudson NVA 271 226 497

Adult Male Barebow A
Phillip Porter NVA 363 391 754

Adult Male Bowhunter Limited B
Stuart Dolbel NVA 461 462 923
Darren Boorer NVA 385 395 780
Robert Porter NVA 350 391 741

Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited A
Keith Derrick 461 462 923
Michael Billiet 456 450 906
Gary Nichols 479 418 897

Adult Male Bowhunter Unlimited Veteran
Jeff Jennings 449 428 877

Adult Male Freestyle Limited Recurve A
Tynan Fairhall 477 442 919

Adult Male Freestyle Limited A
David Buckingham NVA 468 472 940
Stephen Jaeger NVA 440 401 841

Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited A
Chris Billiet 523 516 1039
Ben Ireland NVA 511 514 1025

Adult Male Freestyle Unlimited B
Peter Fairhall 510 508 1018
John Clark NVA 494 499 993

Monday, November 15, 2004

Measurers Day

An ABA measurers course was recently held at the Gunnedah range. Club representatives from as far away as Newcastle and Gosford converged to learn more about their favourite passtime, hunting the feral animals that continuously damage the Australian native landscape. The day was focused on the the record keeping process and methods used to accurately measure and claim game killed. Many species were covered, pictured is a set of buffalo horns taken from Northern Australia.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Hunting Story

Please email me any pictures and stories you would like posted and I will put them up as soon as practical.

Last weekend Steve, Stu, Josh and Sam hit the hills on the bottom of the plain again to try and snare a few goats.

The steep terrain makes it difficult and the limited cover a challenge but as per the last hunt this one was also a lot of fun.

Steve and Sam worked one ridge early whilst Stu and Josh worked the next ridge on. Josh, feeling the cold, decided to keep his bright orange sloppy joe on only to regret it as a small group of twenty or so goats quickly picked him and hurridly ran in the opposite direction, straight towards Stuart. A large black Billy presented itself nicley and after a pass through at 15mtrs the goat headed for the steep side, a side of the hill not easily negotiated by the weak kneeded, we'll find him next time.
After a few more stalks Stuart used some hill cover to dispose of a small Billy that ended up being the only kill of the day. A spine shot from a kneeling position sent the Billy 100mtrs down a steep hill, after thinking the goat had expired Stuart went in with a knife to finish it off, to his surprise the goat still had a little life left in him and after a 20-30mtr down hill wrestle the goat was fishished cleanly.
In the afternoon and a few more stalks later the hills had taken there toll and everyone was ready to head home to rest their wearly body.

October 24th 2004

With the Namoi Valley Archers looking to host the state IFAA titles on November 6th and 7th a small group took to one of the IFAA ranges this weekend for some much needed practice, many for the first time.
With distances out to 70 yards it had a few of the ABA shooters staring in disbelief, but after a couple of arrows most began to find their feet. With most of the field new to IFAA it was agreed that a 14 target, 4 arrow round would be held just to help everyone understand the event.

Sam Bates 249
Stu Dolbel 236
Steve Jaeger 229
Michael Rommer 225
Phillip Porter 201
Joel Boorer 200
Rob Porter 191
Darren Boorer 164
Jake Hopkins 163
Jerry Culley 149
Ken Hill 137
Josh Dolbel 128
Karen Hudson 122
Jamie Thompson 115
Jodi Dolbel 113
Cameron Hill 109
Norma Culley 107
Steve Woodward 102
Shaun Andrews 102
Darryl Hudson 102
Shane Thompson 88
Jeremy McKinnon 85
Stacey Woodward 83
Jordan Carter 82
Emelia Dolbel 67
Meg Jaeger 33

The scoring was simply 5, 4, 3 with all four arrows counting.

The Bowhunter weekend is coming up this Saturday / Sunday, it's a train the trainer weekend with special attention to recording, measuring and presenting game. The amenities are available for those who wish to camp over. Graham Mitchell from Lakeside Archery has also said he would be there for those looking to stock up.
Starting time for Saturday is 8.30 to 9.00am. All are welcome.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Results For Aussie Field Round 10th October 2004

The Outback range was chosen to shoot an Aussie Field round on Sunday. A glorious day assisted archers in some good scores. Ken Thompson (pictured) was in good form after a recent battle with his new bow. Ben Ireland also posted a good score just missing his club record by 2 points. Bryan Bates also shot well after a recent brain implosion, created by a "faulty" arrow rest leaving him with questionable form for the recent state ABA, but after today the gremlins in the head are well and truely banished, along with that faulty arrow rest.
Thanks again to those who travelled from Armidale and Tamworth to compete, the club is all the better for it.

AGM and presentation BBQ is penciled in for November 27th.

Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 242
Karen Hudson Womens Compound 200
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 83
Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 187
Cassie Neuendorf Women Bowhunter Limited 170
Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 165
Michael Patrick Mens Traditional 153
Ben Ireland Mens Open 287
John Clark Mens Open 281
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 279
Bryen Bates Mens Open 275
David Buckingham Mens Open 221
Philip Porter Mens Compound 233
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 204
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 161
Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 270
Matt Krug Mens Bowhunter Limited 210
Darren Boorer Mens Bowhunter Limited 132
Stacey Woodward Girl Junior Compound 153
Meg Jaeger Cub Girl Traditional 88
Emelia Dolbel Cub Girl Open 98
Shane Thompson Cub Boy Traditional 99
Shaun Andrews Cub Boy Compound 179
Ben Irwin Boy Junior Traditional 130
Sam Bates Boy Junior Open 274
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 218
Joel Boorer Boy Junior Compound 188
Damian Woodward Boy Junior Compound 109
Keegan Patrick Boy Junior Compound 108
Dean Thompson Boy Junior Bowhunter Limited 236
Jamie Thompson Boy Junior Bowhunter Limited 159

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Gold Rush at State ABA Titles

Well done to the Namoi Valley Archers who competed at the state ABA titles in Wagga over the long weekend.

Steve Woodward - Mens Compound C grade -1st
Helen Woodward - Womens Compound D Grade - 1st
Stacey Woodward - Junior Girls Compound C Grade - 1st
Damian Woodward - Cub Boys Compound C grade - 1st
Robbie Porter - Junior Boys Bowhunter Unlimited - 1st
Sam Bates - Junior Boys Freestyle Unlimited - 1st

Next Shoot October 7th

Namoi Valley Archers are planning a Aussie Field round on the challenging outback range for this weekend. All are welcome to attend. Muster is 9.00am for a 9.30 start. Head south of Gunnedah on the Wondobah Rd for about 18km, look for the sign on the crest of the hill.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

3D Shoot Results 26th Sept 2004

Archers from Tamworth, Armidale and Gunnedah enjoyed a perfect spring day at the Wondobah Archery Field last Sunday. Ben Ireland scored well, breaking the old club record by two points. Shane Thompson also set a new benchmark for the cubs.

Dean Thompson Boy Junior Compound 602
Jordan Carter Boy Junior Compound 380
Cade Rowland Boy Junior Compound 512
Jake Hopkins Boy Junior Compound 658
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 588
Sam Bates Boy Junior Open 786
Jamie Thompson Boy Junior Open 436
Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 636
Ben Irwin Boy Junior Traditional 424
Michael Romer Cub Boy Compound 460
Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 368
Shane Thompson Cub Boy Traditional 304
Emelia Dolbel Cub Girl Compound 152
Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 768
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 530
Matt Krug Mens Bowhunter Limited 554
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 714
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 580
David Buckingham Mens Open 716
Philip Porter Mens Open 646
Ben Ireland Mens Open 826
Max Romer Mens Open 374
Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 502
Cassie Neuendorf Women Bowhunter Limited 492
Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 514
Karen Hudson Womens Compound 280
Lisa Buckingham Womens Open 296
Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 506
Debbie Thompson Womens Traditional 160


For those of you who are into the hunting side of things be aware now that the NSW Game hunting licence has come into effect.
What this basically means is that if you wish to hunt deer on private land you will now require a NSW Game Hunting Licence. This is currently called a G-Licence.

The implementation of the NSW Game Hunting Licencing system is a staged process.

STAGE 1 has begun with the issuing of G-Licences.

STAGE 2 will commence in the next 6 to 12 months with the issuing of R-Licences to member of approved hunting clubs/organizations. A NSW Game Hunting Licence(Restricted), or R-Licence, will enable Qualified persons to hunt game species such as deer, as well as feral animals, on Declared public land in NSW.

Game Licences will be available through the club. Cost is $60.00 per year. For more information contact Stephen Jaeger.

With the introduction of this Licence any hunter that wishes to claim deer that is taken in NSW will now have to quote a game licence number as well.

If you wish to hunt feral pigs, goats, rabbits, foxes etc on private land you will not need a game licence.

I believe this will not have too much effect on the bowhunters within the branch because there are not too many of them.
With that in mind visitors from other states that wish to hunt deer in NSW will also have to have a Licence.

Monday, September 20, 2004

IFAA Shoot Nov 6th & 7th

Steve with a Record class Billy

September 20th 2004

Namoi Valley Archers will be holding their regular club shoot this Sunday the 26th. Registration is at 9.00am for a 9.30am start. It will be an ABA round. The archery field is located 18km south of Gunnedah on teh Wondobah Rd, watch for the sign as you come to the crest of the hill with the large radio tower on it.