Sunday, October 24, 2004

Hunting Story

Please email me any pictures and stories you would like posted and I will put them up as soon as practical.

Last weekend Steve, Stu, Josh and Sam hit the hills on the bottom of the plain again to try and snare a few goats.

The steep terrain makes it difficult and the limited cover a challenge but as per the last hunt this one was also a lot of fun.

Steve and Sam worked one ridge early whilst Stu and Josh worked the next ridge on. Josh, feeling the cold, decided to keep his bright orange sloppy joe on only to regret it as a small group of twenty or so goats quickly picked him and hurridly ran in the opposite direction, straight towards Stuart. A large black Billy presented itself nicley and after a pass through at 15mtrs the goat headed for the steep side, a side of the hill not easily negotiated by the weak kneeded, we'll find him next time.
After a few more stalks Stuart used some hill cover to dispose of a small Billy that ended up being the only kill of the day. A spine shot from a kneeling position sent the Billy 100mtrs down a steep hill, after thinking the goat had expired Stuart went in with a knife to finish it off, to his surprise the goat still had a little life left in him and after a 20-30mtr down hill wrestle the goat was fishished cleanly.
In the afternoon and a few more stalks later the hills had taken there toll and everyone was ready to head home to rest their wearly body.