Sunday, October 24, 2004

October 24th 2004

With the Namoi Valley Archers looking to host the state IFAA titles on November 6th and 7th a small group took to one of the IFAA ranges this weekend for some much needed practice, many for the first time.
With distances out to 70 yards it had a few of the ABA shooters staring in disbelief, but after a couple of arrows most began to find their feet. With most of the field new to IFAA it was agreed that a 14 target, 4 arrow round would be held just to help everyone understand the event.

Sam Bates 249
Stu Dolbel 236
Steve Jaeger 229
Michael Rommer 225
Phillip Porter 201
Joel Boorer 200
Rob Porter 191
Darren Boorer 164
Jake Hopkins 163
Jerry Culley 149
Ken Hill 137
Josh Dolbel 128
Karen Hudson 122
Jamie Thompson 115
Jodi Dolbel 113
Cameron Hill 109
Norma Culley 107
Steve Woodward 102
Shaun Andrews 102
Darryl Hudson 102
Shane Thompson 88
Jeremy McKinnon 85
Stacey Woodward 83
Jordan Carter 82
Emelia Dolbel 67
Meg Jaeger 33

The scoring was simply 5, 4, 3 with all four arrows counting.

The Bowhunter weekend is coming up this Saturday / Sunday, it's a train the trainer weekend with special attention to recording, measuring and presenting game. The amenities are available for those who wish to camp over. Graham Mitchell from Lakeside Archery has also said he would be there for those looking to stock up.
Starting time for Saturday is 8.30 to 9.00am. All are welcome.