Sunday, September 18, 2005

3 Arrow Round To Finish The 04/05 Scoring Season

Sunday turned out to be a gloriuos day after a rainy end to the week and the last shoot having to be called of on account of rain. Although soft under foot it was a perfect cool spring day to finish the 2004 / 05 scoring season.

Before the shoot archers agreed to cancell the next scheduled shoot which was down for the 25th of September. This made the days shoot the last practice session before the NSW State ABA Titles to be held at Glouster on October 1st-3rd. Anyone wishing to attend the state ABA shoot should pre nominate with Vera Coote.

The days shoot went well with Phillip Porter putting in a blinder to set a new club record in the Bare Bow Compound division, Phillip shot a score a fair majority of the sighted shooters would have been happy with.
Jodi "I love my new bow" Dolbel also posted a new club record for the womens open division after restling with a few early "equipment ??" problems.
The range was in perfect conditions as usual. The 3 arrow, all scoring round was shot over twenty target on the boundry range, making it out of 1200, with a kill = 20points, Wound 15points and the Hit area worth 10points.

Scores For The Day

Janice Banks Womens Traditional 155

Jodi Dolbel Womens Open 865

Karen Hudson Womens Compound 555
Helen Woodward Womens Compound 330

Norma Culley Women Bowhunter Limited 495

Darryl Hudson Mens Traditional 475
Neal Morris Mens Traditional 255
Rob Banks Mens Traditional 130

John Clark Mens Open 1125
Steve Jaeger Mens Open 1080
Sam Bates Mens Open 985

Philip Porter Mens Compound 945
Ken Thompson Mens Compound 870
Collin Hall Mens Compound 585
Steve Woodward Mens Compound 355

Stuart Dolbel Mens Bowhunter Limited 1010
Greg Donovan Mens Bowhunter Limited 940
Gerry Culley Mens Bowhunter Limited 755

Sophie Donovan Cub Girl Traditional 450
Amy Stubbs Cub Girl Traditional 170
Meg Jaeger Cub Boy Traditional 145

Sebastian Donovan Cub Boy Open 790
Mathew Jauja Cub Boy Open 710

Shaun Boyd-McCaw Cub Boy Compound 675

Ben Morris Boy Junior Traditional 375
Dan Morris Boy Junior Traditional 160

Josh Dolbel Boy Junior Open 995
Robbie Porter Boy Junior Open 885
Jordan Carter Boy Junior Open 580

Wade Hudson Boy Junior Compound 945
Ben Stubs Boy Junior Compound 540
Damian Woodward Boy Junior Compound 400