Sunday, June 05, 2005

IFAA Round June 5th

A IFAA round was held this weekend to give some much needed practice to those heading the IFAA Nationals at Hervey Bay this coming weekend. IFAA is not as popular with many as the ABA rounds are but Namoi Valley Archers will still be sending a strong field to the Nationals to represent Branch E. The branch and the club were very successful at the ABA Nationals at Easter this year and hope to carry the form across to the IFAA style. With marked distances some may call it easier but when those distances can be out to 72mtr (ABA Max = 48) you can begin to see where the challenge lies. The Hunter and Field round also require 28 target X 4 arrows which some archers find tyering compared to the 1 to 3 arrows over 20 targets X 2 in ABA.
A good was had and a few glitchs were found and hopefully fixed for the Nationals, good luck to all competing.

A congratulations should also be made to those who travelled away to shoot over the last couple of weeks. Sam Bates shot well at the FITA, finishing 4th in an impressive field. The Woodwards also travelled to Newcastle to compete in the hottly contested indoor event. Hellen took out the gold Stacey a gold, Damien a silver and Steve just out of the medals with an impressive 4th place.

IFAA Scores.

Ben Ireland 510
John Clark 501
Bryen Bates 476
Stuart Dolbel 463
Sam Bates 428
Jodi Dolbel 417
Ken Thompson 407
Wade Hudson 379
Josh Dolbel 371
Phillip Porter 360
Dean Thompson 325
Shane Thompson 325
Robbie Porter 305
Jamie Thompson 288
Colin Hall 270
Darrell Hudson 226
Cameron Hill 180
Emelia Dolbel 130