Saturday, March 12, 2005

Happy Hunters

Greg has been hunting with the bow for only a short time and has already killed a pig bigger than most of us will ever see. His first kill was a goat in January this year but obviously that didn't get the adrenaline pumping enough so he went on to bigger meaner things very quickly.

This is Gregs first kill, and like most of us it was fun but not that trophy class Billy that was just at the head of the heard.

This monster pig was shot at 25mtrs with a 55lb Martin Jaguar using 125g Terminators on the end of some goldtip hunters. This pig weighed 100kgs. The first arrow was a nice lung shot but the pig still managed to run 100yrds before falling. As you would expect a another arrow was used to make sure the pig was dead before approaching within 10yrds.

This is a couple of goats taken a few weeks ago by Lloyd and Greg, part of Lloyd neccessary physio exercises to help in his recoperation. After talking to Lloyd and the way he pulled up after a few hours hunting is may well be the last attempt for a while too. Back to the couch with a handfull of pain killers to get himself ready for the winter hunts at Blackville.

Please email me any pics you would like posted, I can cut them down to 50kb or you can but please dont send me 2MB pictures to download, unless they are worth it 8-).