Sunday, December 04, 2005

3 Arrow Round To Finish The Year

The Namoi Valley Archers finished the year with the crowd favourite, a quick three arrow all count on the outback range. The range was a picture after recent rain, the coarse will need some attention before shooting starts again next February.

Phillip Porter was the exceptional shooter for the day, blazing the trail home with a club record breaking 1000, not bad for a bare bower. Shane Thompson was also on the game, smashing his old cub boy olympic style record.


Jodi Dolbel 820 Womens Open
Karen Hudson 445 Womens Compound
Lisa Buckingham 605 Women Bowhunter Limited
Norma Culley 485 Women Bowhunter Limited
Richard Mather 515 Ungraded
Jarrod Stubbs 245 Ungraded
Amy Stubbs 210 Ungraded
Jemma Boyd-McCaw 160 Ungraded
Darryl Hudson 580 Mens Traditional
Michael Patrick 470 Mens Traditional
Neal Morris 420 Mens Traditional
Peter Stubbs 210 Mens Traditional
John Clark 1150 Mens Open
Steve Jaeger 1095 Mens Open
David Buckingham 1020 Mens Open
Shane Donovan 330 Mens Open
Philip Porter 1000 Mens Compound
Ken Thompson 865 Mens Compound
Col Hall 650 Mens Compound
Ken Hill 565 Mens Compound
Stuart Dolbel 985 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Greg Donovan 835 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Lloyd Jauja 500 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Krystal Jauja 220 Cub Girl Traditional
Jackelyn Patrick 150 Cub Girl Traditional
Sophie Donovan 400 Cub Girl Compound
Samuel Jauja 100 Cub Boy Traditional
Sebastian Donovan 915 Cub Boy Open
Mathew Jauja 805 Cub Boy Open
Shane Thompson 540 Cub Boy Olympic
Shaun Boyd-McCaw 760 Cub Boy Compound
Christopher Patrick 370 Cub Boy Compound
Sam Bates 1135 Boy Junior Open
Josh Dolbel 955 Boy Junior Open
Robbie Porter 895 Boy Junior Open
Cameron Hill 395 Boy Junior Open
Wade Hudson 915 Boy Junior Compound
Jamie Thompson 725 Boy Junior Compound
Ben Stubbs 565 Boy Junior Compound
Keegan Patrick 495 Boy Junior Compound