Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 Arrow Round Sees Stiff Competition

Namoi Valley Archers held a 3 arrow event on Sunday with a big filed in attendance to try the newly revamped Boundary range. Matt Wittman found the new layout to his liking turning in a virtuoso display to leave the rest of the field floundering in his wake scoring a big win in the Sighted division. John Clark finished the day in second place with Tamworth visitor Brandon Thrift finishing third. Tamworth veteran, Neville White showed his class scoring the win in Compound with Karen Hudson shooting well to take second place with Ann Stubbs third. Sebastian Donovan proved too strong for his opposition in the Junior Sighted contest with Zac Hayne finishing second and newcomer Jack Shepherd shooting well to grab third spot. The next club shoot will be held on March 28th and will be a 2 round ABA event with a B-B-Q lunch between rounds. This will be the final opportunity for members to grab vital practice before the National Championships to be held at Charleville over the Easter weekend.


Sighted – Matt Wittman 1160, John Clark 1115, Brandon Thrift 1100, Greg Donovan 1095, Stuart Dolbel 1090, Gordon White 1055, Jodi Dolbel 1045, Matt Sinclair 1010, Warwick Shepherd 1005, Matt Jauja 945, Greg Scott 915, Michael Rule 915, Peter Bush 895, Andrew Springall 865, Andrew Stubbs 835, Bernie Hayne 810, Denise Stevenson 735, Lloyd Jauja 295.

Compound – Neville White 835, Karen Hudson 740, Ann Stubbs 645, Nathan Murrell 575, Wendi Murrell 535.

Traditional – Peter Stubbs 600, Mark Stevenson 495.

Junior Sighted – Sebastian Donovan 960, Zac Hayne 890, Jack Shepherd 855, Hayden Riordan 740, Jessica Sinclair 640.

Junior Compound – Jarrod Stubbs 725.

Cub Sighted – Sophie Donovan 625, Krystal Jauja 500.

Cub Barebow – Haylee Murrell 360, Kaytlyn Murrell 345, Samuel Jauja 260.

Novice – Emilee Murrell 500, George D’Marchos 285, Stacey Scott 270.