Monday, March 12, 2007

ABA Shoot Feb 4th

Archery took to a very hot Outback range to warm up for the two day invitational shoot to be held on the 10th and 11th of this month. The round was a considered a grading round to help local archers set their grade prior to the Nationals in April.

Keegan Patrick 530 Boy Junior Compound
Dean Pickett 524 Boy Junior Compound
Matt Kersley 430 Boy Junior Compound

Josh Dolbel 772 Boy Junior Open
Cameron Hill 588 Boy Junior Open
Mathew Whitman 556 Boy Junior Open
Jamie Thompson 74 Boy Junior Open

Christopher Patrick 358 Cub Boy Compound

Sebastian Donovan 700 Cub Boy Open
Cameron Boxsell 584 Cub Boy Open
Mathew Jauja 346 Cub Boy Open

Jackelyn Patrick 162 Cub Girl Compound

Sophie Donovan 250 Cub Girl Open

Katie Patrick 240 Cub Girl Traditional
Sammy Patrick 168 Cub Girl Traditional
Krystal Jauja 140 Cub Girl Traditional
Imogen Carlin 120 Cub Girl Traditional

Amy Stubbs 326 Girl Junior Compound

Greg Donovan 718 Mens Bowhunter Limited

Philip Porter 714 Mens Compound
Wade Hudson 702 Mens Compound
Ken Thompson 676 Mens Compound
Jack Carlin 356 Mens Compound

Stuart Dolbel 778 Mens Open
John Clark 778 Mens Open
Steve Jaeger 772 Mens Open
Ben Ireland 770 Mens Open
Matt Sinclair 336 Mens Open
Lloyd Jauja 334 Mens Open

Darrell Hudson 508 Mens Traditional
Michael Patrick 344 Mens Traditional
Peter Stubbs 340 Mens Traditional
Richard Henry 170 Mens Traditional

Janice Jaeger 452 Women Bowhunter Limited

Karen Hudson 510 Womens Compound

Jodi Dolbel 734 Womens Open
Cassie Ireland 570 Womens Open