Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3D Range Makes For Good Competition

A large field (42) of local archers took to the modified 3D range to get one last practice at the ABA style 3D before the Nationals at Wagga this easter. Mens open was hotly contested with the half way scores meaning little to the final outcome.
There were a number of records broken on the day, Sebastian Donovan continued his dominance in the Cub Open division and smashed the old club record along the way to an easy win.
Another outstanding cub was Meg Jaeger, shooting her new bow Meg put the head down to fight off fatigue in the second round to come home with a huge win and a new club record that will take plenty to beat.
Ladies barebow compound was also another record breaking division, the shrill cryies of joy arising from Karen Hudson's group could be heard across the entire range, either she had beated Darryl or she was hitting the odd foam animal, well she hit plenty of foam and came in with a new club record for her efforts too.

There is an ABA shoot scheduled in for this Sunday, one last chance to practice before the Nationals on the 6th.

Results for the 3D shoot.

Matt Kersley 550 Boy Junior Compound

Josh Dolbel 762 Boy Junior Open
Mathew Whitman 666 Boy Junior Open

Jarrod Stubbs 622 Cub Boy Compound
Christopher Patrick 526 Cub Boy Compound
Dan Morris 362 Cub Boy Compound

Sebastian Donovan 752 Cub Boy Open
Cameron Boxsell 720 Cub Boy Open
Shane Thompson 714 Cub Boy Open
Jackson Howes 690 Cub Boy Open
Mathew Jauja 360 Cub Boy Open

Hayden Riordan 408 Cub Boy Traditional
Kurt Riordan 390 Cub Boy Traditional

Jackelyn Patrick 260 Cub Girl Compound

Meg Jaeger 642 Cub Girl Open

Katie Patrick 352 Cub Girl Traditional
Sammy Patrick 242 Cub Girl Traditional
Cassie Taylor 198 Cub Girl Traditional

Amy Stubbs 516 Girl Junior Compound

Greg Donovan 706 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Neal Morris 558 Mens Bowhunter Limited

Wade Hudson 734 Mens Compound
Ken Thompson 722 Mens Compound
Philip Porter 704 Mens Compound
Ben Stubbs 608 Mens Compound
Ken Hill 560 Mens Compound
Steve Taylor 350 Mens Compound

Ben Ireland 786 Mens Open
John Clark 782 Mens Open
Steve Jaeger 780 Mens Open
Stuart Dolbel 778 Mens Open
Matt Sinclair 664 Mens Open

Darrell Hudson 572 Mens Traditional
Michael Patrick 558 Mens Traditional
Peter Stubbs 500 Mens Traditional

Mitchell Finlay 670 Ungraded
James Boxsell 580 Ungraded
Diana Finlay 412 Ungraded
Jessica Sinclair 282 Ungraded

Karen Hudson 474 Womens Compound

Jodi Dolbel 732 Womens Open
Cassie Ireland 602 Womens Open