Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Wide Bay Archers done an exceptional job to organise such a large event, canteen, ranges, practice butts and bar was all without fault for the entire week, well done Wide Bay Archers.

The practice butts were packed in the mornings, at first light there was always at least 50 archers ready to go, within an hour of shooting the practice range would often have up to 500 archers warming up, even when it rained.

Teams from 15 different nations competed at an individual and a national team level, the uniforms were something to see.

The next WFAC in 2008 will have Namibia as the host. Promises of exceptional hunting trips to coincide with the shoot where easily negotiated.

In Estonia they rarely shoot outdoors due to the cold, we were told that the target are located in a wagon wheel fashion around a club house which they stand in to shoot out into the cold and then quickly run out and score and pull their arrows before running back to the warmth.

As usual there were some craftsman around, mostly in the lowbow division.

Cub Girls had a great time and always finished three hours before the seniors and junior ranks, more time for more important things, like chasing boys no doubt.

The freindship shown between archers of all nationalities was exceptional and many will keep in contact with members of their shoot groups for years to come.

Here is Jodi Dolbel on her way to a gold medal in FSU B grade, Jodi shot exceptionally posting PB's on almost a daily basis.

There are always a few characters to watch out for on the range, these two have a bloke in a fox hat bailed up.

Sam Bates and Ben Ireland were in the thick of it in the most competitve division of FSU, both were happy with their overall performance but saw a side of archery that only a global event can demonstrate.

Wade Hudson was on fire for the WFAC, blazing the field daily on his way to a gold medal and cementing himself as the best barebow archer of his age in the world.

There were many familiar faces on the ranges, some of the badges were old but showed what and where archery has come from in Australia.

The Australian team came second to the US in the Team Of Nations event, local club member Steve Jaeger shot well for the week to finish forth and will find his time on the Australian team an invaluable learning experience.

Shane Thompson was exstatic to win the cub FSR division, a WFAC gold medal in front of a big home country audience, it doesn't get much better than that.

Wade accepting his gold medal from the international delegates.

Jodi Dolbel has improved at a rate many archers envy to pick up a gold in FSU B grade, imagine what she'll be like when she actually practices occasionally.

Josh Dolbel also rose to the occasion to shoot well and grab a silver in Junior FSU B grade.

Stuart Dolbel, finished the week a lot stronger than he started, grabbing a bronze in BHL A grade by one point on the last day.

The US team won the Team Of Nations event..........again.

Sniff !!!, Wednesday night..........I'd rather forget it thanks.

Australian Team.