Friday, December 14, 2012


RABBITS OUTFOX SHOOTERS Namoi Valley Archers recently held their Christmas shoot, which was the final shoot for the year. This shoot was a novelty round, conducted on the morning after the awards night. Starting earlier than usual, in a bid to beat the heat, the entire boundary range consisted of rabbits, made up of both colour and 3D targets, they were placed cunningly by range captain Bernie Hayne to trap the unwary, or the over confident, at distances that some found hard enough to see let alone shoot. Scores for the shoot were low, as was to be expected from this type of round, but with some surprising results being recorded. In a dominant shooting display Karen Hudson beat son Wade in the compound division for family x-mas bragging rights. Wade is just back from the world IFAA c/ship’s in Argentina and was claiming he is still suffering from jetlag. Ann Stubbs was a close third. Sebastian Donovan must have taken exception to his father beating him out of top spot in the men’s open division at the awards the previous night, and proceeded to give him, and the other sighted shooter’s, an archery lesson, going on to win by a wide margin, better put some practice in over the x-mas break for next year Greg. Stuart Dolbel was just squeezed out, finishing in third spot. Darrell Hudson took out men’s traditional, easily accounting for his rivals, who will be hoping the new years shooting see’s a change of luck in store for them, as Hudson has been in the ascendency this year. While Mel Sinclair reversed her fortunes from the previous night’s presentations, beating out Denise Stevenson in a tough tussle for women’s open dominance. The club will now be in recess until next year when shooting will resume at the end of January. If anyone would like to find out about next year’s calendar, or the clubs activities in general you can contact the president, Peter Stubbs on 02 67431559. Sighted Div: Sebastian Donovan-615,Greg Donovan-575,Stuart Dolbel-565,Bernie Hayne-535,Gordon White-520,Matt Sinclair-515,Brad Mulherin-480,Mel Sinclair-330,Denise Stevenson-295,Lachlan Boyd-255,Brett Wheatley-105 Compound Div: Karen Hudson-410,Wade Hudson-330,Ann Stubbs-295,Gordon Harris-250,Jarrod Stubbs-90,Sharon Boyd-65,Kate Harris-30 Traditional: Darrell Hudson-305,Phillip Greenwood-255,Peter Stubbs-205 Ungraded: Craig Poeschl-390,Greg Capper-180,Andrew Poeschl-70