Wednesday, June 06, 2012

3D Shoot Challenges Local Archers

Namoi Valley Archers held a 2 round 3D event at their last club shoot with course designers, Greg Donovan and Gordon White, delivering a championship quality range. With clever target placement and making full use of the difficult terrain the duo left many competitors struggling to achieve good scores. One competitor who beat the trend of lower scores on the day was Karen Hudson who set a new club record on her way to winning the Compound division, putting together two quality rounds to record the win. Ann Stubbs grabbed second place with Sharon Boyd also shooting well to finish in third. Veteran, Phil Greenwood used all his experience to record a good win in the Traditional contest with Darrell Hudson in second and Peter Stubbs finishing third. John Clark did just enough the finish on top in the Sighted division with Greg Donovan and son, Sebastian, finishing in a deadheat in the battle for the minor placings. The next club event is set down for June 16th and 17th and will be a 2 day ABA event with the first day to start on Saturday afternoon with a 2.00pm registration for a 2.30pm start on the range. The second day will be a 9.00am registration for a 9.30 start. Scores Compound - Karen Hudson 666, Ann Stubbs 484, Sharon Boyd 442, Wendi Murrell 280, Ken Hill 264. Traditional - Phillip Greenwood 588,Darrell Hudson 536,Peter Stubbs 482, John Woolaston 316.Sighted - John Clark 762, Sebastian Donovan 756, Greg Donovan 756, Stuart Dolbel 738, Gordon White 730, Bernie Hayne 716, James Bush 698, John Finn 680, Matt Sinclair 678, Steve Jaeger 660, Peter Bush 650, Mark Stevenson 632, Matt Krug 588, Mel Sinclair 586, Denise Stevenson 514, Greg Scott 374, Mathew Wittman366, Nathan Murrell 360, Merv Lamey 336. Junior Sighted - Lachlan Boyd 496. Junior Compound - Hayley Murrell 320. Cub Sighted – Travis Lamey 676. Cub Compound - Zac Critchley 686, Kaytlyn Murrell 296,Emily Jaeger 252, Emylie Murrell 162. Little Archers - Rhegan Jaeger 332, Jayla Woolaston 106.