Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Namoi Valley Archers held a 3 arrow round on Sunday with a good field taking to the Boundary range in excellent weather conditions. Greg Donovan returned the highest score of the day on his way to winning the Sighted division. Donovan was on fire in the first half of the round but lost his way for a couple of targets to come back to the field. However Donovan regrouped and finished strongly over the concluding targets to score the win from an inform Greg Scott with Nathan Murrell grabbing third. Karen Hudson was the best of the Compound archers with a well compiled round with Wendi Murrell also shooting well in second place with Jarrod Stubbs in third. Darrell Hudson shot extremely well to take the win in the Traditional division with Peter Stubbs taking second place from Phil greenwood in a very tight contest. The club will be back in action this Sunday with an IFAA Field Round set down for the day. This will be the final opportunity for competitors to prepare for the NSW State IFAA Championships to be held in Gloucester on May 12 and 13 (Ed, that'd be the same weekend the drags are on). Scores Sighted - Greg Donovan 1135, Greg Scott 1115, Nathan Murrell 1095, Stuart Dolbel 1080, Steve jaeger 1065, Gordon White 1040, Sebastian Donovan 1045, James Bush1025, John Clark 1010, Peter Bush 1010, Bernie Hayne 990, Matt Wittman 990, Mark Stevenson 735, Merv Lamey 645. Compound - Karen Hudson 775, Wendi Murrell 740, Jarrod Stubbs 630, Ann Stubbs 600. Traditional - Darrell Hudson 785, Peter Stubbs 725, Phillip Greenwood 710. Junior Sighted - Lachlan Boyd 540. Junior Compound - Zac Critchley 675, Hayley Murrell 595, Blake Memorey 430. Cub Sighted - Travis Lamey 900. Cub Compound - Kaytlyn Murrell 640, Emily Jaeger 515, Emylie Murrell 350. Cub Traditional – Rhegan Jaeger 420.