Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Half IFAA Round

Namoi Valley Archers held a 14 target IFAA round on Sunday with the windy conditions keeping scores down. The IFAA round requires competitors to shoot 4 arrows at each target with all distances marked at the shooting peg.

Darrell Hudson turned in the top barebow round of the day with an impressive performance in the Traditional event, with Peter Stubbs in second and Sharon Boyd in third.

Karen Hudson led the field home among the Compound shooters after putting together a tidy round with Wendi Murrell in second and Ann Stubbs taking third.

John Clark did just enough to finish on top in the Sighted contest with a very tight battle for the minor placings with Stuart Dolbel and John Finn finishing in a dead heat.

Brothers, Adam and William Loftus also returned good scores in their respective divisions.

The club has added an extra event to the shoot calendar this Sunday with the 2011 Australian Eco Shoot to be contested. The Eco shoot is a new innovation with clubs all round Australia conducting a shoot at their own venue in August with the results to be sent in to the National score recorder and overall winners decided. The format will see archers shooting 2 x 20 target rounds on the day with 2 scoring arrows at each target.

The shoot set down for Saturday 3rd of September will proceed as normal.


Traditional – Darrell Hudson 193, Peter Stubbs 123, Sharon Boyd 66.

Compound – Karen Hudson 187, Wendi Murrell 145, Ann Stubbs 130.

Sighted – John Clark 246, Stuart Dolbel 240, John Finn 240, Nathan Murrell 238, Gordon White 237, Bernie Hayne 221, Anthony Morris 206, Darren Loftus 200, Peter Bush 188, Mark Stevenson 160, Denise Stevenson 140.

Junior Sighted – Adam Loftus 147, Lachlan Boyd 121, Kye Morris 66.

Cub Sighted – William Loftus 228, Nick Smyth 201, Taylah Jones 71.

Cub Compound – Haylee Murrell 215, Kaytlyn Murrell 136, Emylie Murrell 94.