Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Delta Targets On The Outback Range

Namoi Valley Archers held a 3 arrow Delta round on Sunday with a big field taking to the Outback range in perfect winter conditions with Ken Thompson, Darrell Hudson, Zac Hayne and Haylee Murrell all setting new club records on the day.

The full colour Delta animal targets provide a unique challenge with anatomically correct score zones giving a very small margin of error with archers having to decide on taking a safer shot for less points or going for maximum points and risk dropping out of the scoring zone by just a few centimetres and receiving no points.

Wendi Murrell scored an impressive win in the Compound division to edge out Karen Hudson in a tight contest with Steve Jaeger grabbing third.

John Clark did just enough to score the win in the Sighted contest with Stuart Dolbel grabbing second place with Narrabri’s John Finn finishing in third.

Haylee Murrell won the battle of the sisters finshing on top in Cub Compound with Kaytlyn Murrell in second and Emylie Murrell in third.

The next club shoot will be held on July 10 and will be the final opportunity for archers to prepare for the Northern NSW Branch ABA Titles to be held at Taree.


Compound – Wendi Murrell 665, Karen Hudson 645, Steve Jaeger 635, Ann Stubbs 600, Jarrod Stubbs 600, Ken Hill 590, Jack Hammond 460, Denise Stevenson 285, Ben Stubbs 215.

Sighted – John Clark 1035, Stuart Dolbel 1010, John Finn 1005, Zac Hayne 990, Greg Scott 935, Greg Donovan 935, James Bush 895, Sebastian Donovan 885, Lloyd Jauja 880, Wade Hudson 865, Lincoln Frazer 860, Peter Bush 855, Gordon White 840, Nathan Murrell 840, Ken Thompson 815, Bernie Hayne 805, Brad Lawson 770, Mark Stevenson 675, Matt Lawson 625.

Traditional – Darrell Hudson 745, Peter Stubbs 645.

Junior Sighted - Meg Jaeger 480.

Cub Sighted – Sophie Donovan 605.

Cub Compound – Haylee Murrell 590, Kaytlyn Murrell 365, Emylie Murrell 285.