Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Inter Club Challenge, Gunnedah Retain The Trophy

Namoi Valley Archers travelled to the home of Tamworth Field Archers on Sunday with 66 archers taking to the Attunga State Forest ranges in the battle for the Interclub Shield. The Gunnedah club reigned supreme at the end of the day securing the shield with a 148 point win. The competition for the Interclub Shield began last year and has quickly captured the imagination of both clubs with Namoi Valley Archers sending a club record 40 archers to the event. Competition was held over two rounds with a 3 arrow ABA round in the morning and a 1 arrow 3D round completing the event after lunch. The Tamworth club prepared two outstanding ranges for the day with the ABA range located in very steep and rocky terrain while the 3D range offered a completely different challenge in the flatter section of the forest. The format for the event involved adding the score of the highest scoring archer from each club in 5 selected divisions to give an overall result. Tamworth carried the day in the Freestyle Unlimited division with Ben Ireland just shading John Clark with Tamworth also taking the Bowhunter Unlimited contest with Robert Jones securing the win over Matt Sinclair. Namoi Valley Archer’s Christopher Patrick stormed home in the 3D round to win the Cub Compound contest over Jaxson Sollar to edge Gunnedah in front. Darrell Hudson showed great composure to increase Gunnedah’s lead with a superb win over arch rival Bruce Sherwood setting up the victory with a brilliant ABA round. Compound archer, Wade Hudson sealed the win for Gunnedah with another impressive performance scoring the biggest win of the day over veteran Neville White. The day was held in a wonderful social atmosphere and both clubs are looking forward to the second leg of the Interclub Challenge to be held in Gunnedah in October. Full results can be viewed at

The date for the Tuggerah IFAA tournament has been shifted to May 24 & 25 and as a result the club shoot set down for this Sunday will now be held on May 18th.

Gunnedah Scores

Adult Sighted – John Clark 784, Steve Jaeger 750, Matt Sinclair 740, Stuart Dolbel 734, Lloyd Jauja 716, Jodi Dolbel 710, Greg Donovan 696, Mark Stevenson 646, Gordon White 616, Denise Stevenson 514, Diana Finlay 500.

Adult Barebow – Wade Hudson 712, Phillip Porter 640, Ben Stubbs 622, Darrell Hudson 536, James Finlay 526, Karen Hudson 452, Michael Patrick 442, Peter Stubbs 430, Shelly Porter 376, Kim Jauja 336, Ann Stubbs 298, Taylor Snape 226, Keegan Patrick 158.

Junior Sighted – Matt Wittman 724, Matthew Jauja 708, Sebastian Donovan 662, Cameron Boxsell 640, James Boxsell 538, Ethan Thompson 508, Hayden Riordan 500.

Junior Barebow – Mitchell Finlay 548, Amy Stubbs 506, Jarrod Stubbs 480.

Cub Sighted – Jess Sinclair 598, Krystal Jauja 252.

Cub Barebow – Christopher Patrick 596, Samuel Juaja 388, Jackelyn Patrick 350, Sammy Patrick 310.