Thursday, December 14, 2006

Final Shoot For 2006

Retiring Range Captain, Steve Jaeger, combined with the always sadistic Ben Ireland to hang out what was one mean range on Sunday.
A combination of groug 1,2 & 3 only, ABA tagets were used, this meant the occasional 35mtr rabbit, 48mtr group 3 (or 2) deer, a few 20mtr rabbits, you get the picture, all laid out on the Outback Range just to make it a little more difficult. There were no record scores but everyone had a "great" time.

Later that night the club held it's annual AGM and presentation night, but that's another story (pictorial).

Shoot Scores.
Keegan Patrick 450 Boy Junior Compound

Josh Dolbel 740 Boy Junior Open
Cameron Hill 410 Boy Junior Open
Mathew Whitman 260 Boy Junior Open

Christopher Patrick 470 Cub Boy Compound

Mathew Jauja 605 Cub Boy Open
Jackson Howes 510 Cub Boy Open

Brody Waterford 400 Cub Boy Traditional

Meg Jaeger 460 Cub Girl Open

Sammy Patrick 150 Cub Girl Traditional
Jackelyn Patrick 130 Cub Girl Traditional
Krystal Jauja 120 Cub Girl Traditional

Matt Sinclair 495 Mens Bowhunter Limited

Wade Hudson 635 Mens Compound
Philip Porter 620 Mens Compound
Col Hall 485 Mens Compound
Ken Hill 400 Mens Compound

Ben Ireland 1055 Mens Open
Stuart Dolbel 900 Mens Open
Steve Jaeger 815 Mens Open
Lloyd Jauja 240 Mens Open

Darrell Hudson 515 Mens Traditional
Michael Patrick 350 Mens Traditional
Richard Henry 315 Mens Traditional

Karen Hudson 415 Womens Compound

Cassie Ireland 585 Womens Open