Wednesday, April 26, 2006

National Titles Medal Haul

Orange lived up to it's cold reputation turning on a huge frost and -6 temperatures one morning. This effected some gear and fine tuning at the practise butts was nesseccary. I also overheard one visitor from the Northern Territory state it was the first time he had seen frost, and he didn't go much on it.

Team Gunnedah after the medal presentation on Monday.

Ben Ireland with his first National IFAA medal.

Ben also managed to defend his ABA titles gained at Charleville last year.

Steve Jeager defeated long standing FSL champion Randell Wellings convincingly over the weekend putting Steve in good position to bring a medal home from the World Titles in Hervey Bay this June.

Some archers were more impressed with their scorecard than others. Jodi was that impresed with her PB of 378 that she took a photo of it for her scrapbooks. Lucky for Stuart he came in with 380 that morning leaving his pride along with other things still intact.

Here is Jodi after an outstanding effort at her first National event.

Although equipment problems plauged Jodi in this event it was still good to see she remained competetive enought to bring a medal home.

The ranges were harder than a walk up porky lookout but Jodi put the head down and came out on top after 4 arduous days of solid archery.

After picking up ten points and the lead for the BHL division on the last day by target 14, I managed to wrong pin twice on target 16 thus putting an end to my hopes of a IFAA gold medal in 2006. After a couple of drinks that night I just put it all down to experience, bit like learning to drive by crashing your fathers Merc.

Josh shot well in all three events but found stiff competition in all three disiplines, good training for future events.

The barebow compound style is probably the most hotly contested division at the national ABA / 3D events, to come home with a medal of any description is a big achievement, well done Ken.

Mick Patrick slogged it out with his local rival and others but still managed to stay on the podeum, must have been something to do with the accomodation.

Peter Stubbs was the dark horse, graded into a division though well above his grade but still shone through with some exceptional archery, watch out Darryl and Mick.

Cameron Hill and Jamie Thompson also had success in the JBBHL division, well done and stay away from those release aids and adjustable sights, BHL is where the fun is guys.

Wade Hudson proved beyond a doubt he is one of the best Junior Barebow archers around easily taking out his division at the National level this year.

Branch E, NNSW, also took out the gold in the Branch titles for the second year in a row.

Some had better weeks than others............hey tingle.