Monday, March 06, 2006

3D Round See's Some Great Scores

Sunday saw the first 3D shoot for the season. As per the vote at last years AGM scoring was the same as an ABA round, the only thing is our 3D range is a 14 target range, not a 20 target range as per ABA, no problem, this seemed to suit the large group of archers with two 14 target rounds being shot and buy the end of it everyone seemed happy with the new steup.
The course was challenging enough to see the best archers unable to get a perfect but rewarding enough to keep the bulk of the shooters in the money. John Clark posted a fantastic second round just missing a perfect fourteen targets by two points. Once the scores were recorded and converted from the old 3D scoring Ben Ireland and Sam Bates can both claim new course records at 550 out of a possible 560, well done. Cassie Nuendorf also posted a record in the womens open, obviously taking a liking to the hunting distances used on the range.
Without a target over 40mtrs it's all about placement and target choice, and a small pig at 25mtrs at the bottom of a steep gully with 12mtrs of dead ground makes for some interesting distance estimates, especially when you could hardly see it for the shadows in the morning and then it was almost shiney in the afternoon.

It was a great shoot and judging by the scores one most were happy to shoot.

Cassie Neuendorf 482 Womens Open
Jodi Dolbel 438 Womens Open

Karen Hudson 254 Womens Compound
Mega Readett 160 Womens Compound

Tom Anderton 318 Ungraded
Hayden Baker 230 Ungraded
Jemma Boyd-McCaw 180 Ungraded

Michael Patrick 346 Mens Traditional
Darryl Hudson 328 Mens Traditional
Peter Stubbs 262 Mens Traditional

Ben Ireland 550 Mens Open
Sam Bates 550 Mens Open
John Clark 546 Mens Open
Lloyd Jauja 452 Mens Open

Col Hall 508 Mens Compound
Ken Thompson 492 Mens Compound
Peter Hampton 438 Mens Compound
Glen Readett 372 Mens Compound

Stuart Dolbel 528 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Greg Donovan 512 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Rob Porter 248 Mens Bowhunter Limited

Amy Stubbs 312 Cub Girl Traditional
Krystal Jauja 236 Cub Girl Traditional
Sammy Patrick 220 Cub Girl Traditional
Jackelyn Patrick 74 Cub Girl Traditional

Emelia Dolbel 182 Cub Girl Open

Sophie Donovan 390 Cub Girl Compound
Janika Readett 322 Cub Girl Compound

Jarrod Stubbs 396 Cub Boy Traditional

Sebastian Donovan 508 Cub Boy Open
Mathew Jauja 338 Cub Boy Open

Shane Thompson 418 Cub Boy Olympic

Jordan Hampton 484 Cub Boy Compound
Shaun Boyd-McCaw 446 Cub Boy Compound
Christopher Patrick 366 Cub Boy Compound
Christopher Lawler 344 Cub Boy Compound

Josh Dolbel 530 Boy Junior Open

Wade Hudson 530 Boy Junior Compound
Ben Stubbs 476 Boy Junior Compound
Keegan Patrick 398 Boy Junior Compound
Blake Hampton 348 Boy Junior Compound
Aydan Wharton 262 Boy Junior Compound

Next shoot will be on the 19th of March and is planned to be an ABA to help those heading of to the branch ABA shoot at Hunter the following weekend.

Good luck to those heading to the Tuggerah IFAA shoot this weekend, and just in case you didn't know it's Jodi's birthday on Friday.