Monday, February 06, 2006

3 Arrow Round Kicks Off New Year

Forty seven keen archers including nine new faces to the club hit the range for a three arrow all count on Sunday to open the 2006 callender year shoot. The round is simple, three arrows are shot at ABA feral animal targets set at distances ranging from 48mtr to 8 mtres depending on the size of the target, each arrowed is scored as 20 for a kill, 15 for a wound and 10 for a hit, making a possible 1200 points out of the twenty targets completed.

Ben Ireland shot well narrowly winning mens open over Sam Bates who is in blistering form now he has the bugs ironed out of the new bow. Steve Jaeger was also in good form the night before hence his attempt at the course regurgitation record, set by himself numerous times prior.

New club records were set by Wade Hudson and Sebation Donovan in their respective grades, well done.

Jodi Dolbel 515 Womens Open

Karen Hudson 465 Womens Compound
Jill Porter 460 Womens Compound
Janika Readett 260 Womens Compound

Jordan Hampton 610 Ungraded
Blaile Hampton 560 Ungraded
Amy Stubbs 325 Ungraded
Aydan Wharton 325 Ungraded
Peter Hampton 320 Ungraded
Jarrod Stubbs 280 Ungraded
Jemma Boyd-McCaw 175 Ungraded

Darryl Hudson 495 Mens Traditional
Michael Patrick 375 Mens Traditional
Peter Stubbs 105 Mens Traditional

Ben Ireland 1160 Mens Open
Sam Bates 1155 Mens Open
John Clark 1125 Mens Open
Steve Jaeger 1070 Mens Open

Philip Porter 865 Mens Compound
Ken Thompson 830 Mens Compound
Col Hall 690 Mens Compound
Nicholas Clark 530 Mens Compound
Ken Hill 510 Mens Compound
Glen Readett 490 Mens Compound

Stuart Dolbel 1020 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Greg Donovan 935 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Scott Porter 835 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Rob Porter 715 Mens Bowhunter Limited
Lloyd Jauja 420 Mens Bowhunter Limited

Krystal Jauja 225 Cub Girl Traditional
Meg Jaeger 210 Cub Girl Traditional
Jackelyn Patrick 205 Cub Girl Traditional

Sophie Donovan 440 Cub Girl Compound
Mega Readett 245 Cub Girl Compound

Christopher Lawler 275 Cub Boy Traditional

Sebastian Donovan 950 Cub Boy Open
Mathew Jauja 475 Cub Boy Open

Shaun Boyd-McCaw 570 Cub Boy Compound
Christopher Patrick 420 Cub Boy Compound

Josh Dolbel 960 Boy Junior Open
Cameron Hill 470 Boy Junior Open

Wade Hudson 1090 Boy Junior Compound
Ben Stubbs 610 Boy Junior Compound
Keegan Patrick 500 Boy Junior Compound
Sam Zelinski 430 Boy Junior Compound
Damian Woodward 425 Boy Junior Compound